What is the estimated cost of a sidewalk Scaffolding Shed?

Written by Joe Maillet | October 5, 2020

Understanding the Danger of Sidewalk Sheds in New York City

Sidewalk Scaffolding Sheds, those ubiquitous steel-and-plywood erections designed to protect pedestrians from falling debris during construction work, are a long-time fixture in New York City. According to the Department of Buildings, there is an estimated number of 6,000 sheds currently installed throughout, covering more than one million feet of city sidewalks! While many people consider these sheds an eyesore; sidewalk sheds are a necessity of life in a city with a building stock constantly undergoing repair, upgrade, and renovation, not to mention demolition and new development.

The need for a Sidewalk Scaffolding Shed; is it necessary?

As per the NYC’s Law, erecting a sidewalk scaffolding shed is essential if you are

• Constructing a building that is 40 feet or more in height.
• Renovating an old façade.
• Demolishing a structure that stands at 25 feet or even higher.

However, before the erection of the sidewalk scaffolding shed, it’s necessary to obtain relevant permits from DOB first. Except for emergency cases, one can build a sidewalk scaffolding shed and file for a permit simultaneously during a 24-hour period.

Uses of a Sidewalk Scaffolding shed.

1. Protects pedestrians from falling debris.
2. Offers a secure working environment for construction professionals.
3. Allows easy access to complex parts of the exterior of a building.
4. Enhances work efficiency.
5. Walkway traffic remains undisturbed.

The cost of a Sidewalk Scaffolding Shed.

On average, a property owner can expect to spend 90 USD to 110 USD per linear foot of shed for the first three months, and then just 5% or less of the initial installation cost for monthly rental thereafter. The actual cost of a sidewalk Scaffolding Shed depends on a lot of factors;

1. Type of Scaffolding by Load i.e. Heavy Duty or Light Duty Scaffold; The pricing directly relates to the type of load exerted on the sidewalk scaffolding shed. In short, the cost for heavy load sidewalk sheds is much higher than the cost for light load sidewalk scaffolding sheds.
2. The extent of construction and it’s period; the height of the building as well as the rental period.
3. NYC Scaffolding Rental Service policies and pricing; whether you need temporary Sidewalk scaffolding sheds or want to put them up permanently.
4. Type of Scaffolding Material used; steel and lumber or some other sort of material used for scaffolding.
5. Post-establishment maintenance costs, insurance, and other services.
6. Quality of scaffolding; temporary sidewalk scaffolding sheds or sturdy sidewalk bridges for permanent use.

That’s why the cost for Sidewalk Shed NYC can fluctuate a lot. The actual price will only be calculated depending on your needs, construction requirements, type of material used for scaffolding, the extent of construction i.e. height, post-establishment maintenance, and inspections as well as the contractor’s personal terms and policies. In short, even for the smallest of projects, you can expect to spend several thousand dollars at least.

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