A well-curated and detailed social media presence guarantees positive repercussions on the business’s image. But before sales, brand reputation must be emphasized, that is, the reputation of the brand. Both a hot audience (those who already know the brand) and a cold audience (those who don’t know the brand) will search for your business on social networks, to discover the news or to learn about your story and shared values.

This is why managing a communication channel does not only mean updating the profile regularly but doing it based on a series of preliminary assessments based on set objectives. Following a well-planned strategy and continuously monitoring the results obtained.

More and More Companies Are Entering

The world of social networks by creating business profiles to win customers and fight the competition. However, we often see a simplistic approach, without a real digital strategy behind it which most of the time decrees the failure of the entire project. It is not easy for a business that is taking its first steps on social media to decide what kind of content to publish, how, and in what way. What kind of approach? Confidential or more formal. What kind of strategy; which target to aim for and how often to publish.

Attention, selling products/services/images can be our purpose, but social networks are born as places for meetings, discussion, entertainment, and fun. Their users don’t want to find hardened salespeople pushing their product in every way. This is why it is important to create a preliminary strategy, a funnel, which takes our target from a simple user to a consumer.

The first fundamental phase is, therefore, to establish who we want to reach, who is our target audience. To do this, what marketers define as buyer personas are created; that is, ideal buyers who meet certain requirements in line with our product. Based on the data we have, we should understand age, gender, job, level of education, interests, and more and build our model client. We will develop our social strategy for him.

Because The Contents Make the Difference

Once our buyer persona has been defined, we can choose the social network or social networks to use. As we know, each social network has its own characteristics. For example, on Facebook, we find a more mature audience, predisposed to conversation and interaction. While TikTok is the social of the very young. Instagram is the social media of images, with a young and dynamic audience. Twitter is a more institutional social network, to which we can entrust, for example, the official press releases of our business.

Once the communication channel to be used has also been defined, let’s move on to the choice of contents. Creating effective, persuasive, and captivating storytelling is the real queen choice. It is no coincidence that insiders usually repeat the phrase “content is king”. We may have created the best digital strategy on paper, but if in its implementation we fail to convey creative and innovative content, we will lose the challenge. Content is the vehicle of our message, if we create poor and uninvolving content our message will be lost, our users will move on and we will not reach our goal.

Only now that we have all the pieces clear, can we draw up an editorial plan? The inevitable tool of every good social media manager, the one that allows you to establish in advance what content to post and when, following the previously planned storytelling.

Social Media Management: Not Just Posts

We have seen how to proceed, starting from scratch, to create a social identity for our business. But once planned, decided, and published, how can we know if our choices will be successful? We cannot! That’s why it is good to know that the work does not end when the post, photo, or video is published.

Once our content has been published, we have to read the results over time, do some analyzes, correct the shot and start again! For this reason, all social networks provide business profiles with analysis tools (analytics) to be able to analyze the data and results obtained.

Anyone who wants to gain visibility on social media and stand out from the competition will have to create an Ads campaign, a diminutive of advertising. That is, paid advertising campaigns. These tools allow us to reach our target audience directly without dispersion. They are very powerful and very useful means of communication, but they require specific skills. To create an effective campaign, we need to know the algorithms of the social network used closely, establish a budget based on a known or hypothesized CPC (cost per click). Verify a return on investment (ROI).

In Light Of the Above, It May Seem Anachronistic

The truth is that managing social networks is a serious business that requires study and preparation. It is an activity that can make a brand successful. For any business, being present on social media is no longer an optional choice visit Sociallinkhub.

To be sure not to waste time and money, it is always advisable to entrust the management of social media to a competent figure, with specific experience and preparation. We at Biometrical have been supporting entrepreneurs, freelancers, and public figures for decades, guaranteeing reliable and competent work. This is because in addition to years of experience and specific training, with our team we can take care of every aspect, from planning to final analysis.

If you want to rely on professionals to manage your social media, contact us for a quote!