Firms’ problems in flow gauging are not limited to just taking the flow rate of a liquid over time; it is also about looking out for any leaks that can lead the setup to collapse. Some of the fluids used in firms are dangerous or poisonous gases that if leakage is not detected early enough, it can lead to a disaster such as Chernobyl, which can lead to loss of life in the firm and big health problems to humans.

Luckily, a Weldsaver coolant flow regulator and leak detection system can monitor flow rate in real-time and see any leaks in the fluid. Such tools are very vital in firms not only to keep the staff safe but also to ensure profits by reducing costs.

The Welding water saver is also necessary at home and office spaces to keep the properties safe from flooding and water-related damage. The damage could result from a water heater or air ventilation in the office or factory that can lead to a considerable loss.

Pros of Leak detection systems

Here are the advantages of the leak detection systems you should look for before applying them.


No one can see how leakage can lead to loss from the beginning until a water leak leads to a firm making a loss or repairing large sections of a fluid pipe. Stats show that water damage is one of the most common insurance claims by firms. The best cover is a leak detection system that helps arrest the issue ahead of time. That implies that the repair and social cost would be less than when a tragedy strikes.

Prompt Alerts

Wouldn’t any good manager love to be ahead of events that could lead to a loss? A Welding water saver is a needed arsenal in ensuring the firm has prompt alerts of any pipe leaks and sorts the issue before any dangerous chemical leaks.

Promote safety

At the core of safety regards for firms like oil and gas firms is ensuring they don’t lose precious products due to leaks and ensuring safety for workers and the environs. Any leak of the expensive good could lead to a loss, but fires there a suitable Weldsaver flow controller and leak detector would work in the firm’s profits.

Best leak system to use

You need the best tools to get ahead of a big issue. There are many water leak systems that firms can adopt, but this will make give firms the most significant push:

WeldSaver™Coolant Flow Controller & Leak Detector

Leak Detection Systems-Weldsaver

This device from Proteus fuses a flow meter, a valve, a flow monitor, and a fast leak detector into one that would make it a dream for use by any trade. That means the device can gauge flow rate, set or limit flow rate when needed, and detect water leakage in real-time.

The device has gained traction and use in the army as well as cooling an IBM supercomputer. If you are using the meter, you can be sure that it can stand any harsh state to give you the best results.

The Welding water saver is now used in leakage detection in robotic welding use as it can send a cap loss alarm to a weld controller in less than 0.3 seconds. Weldsaver is protecting welders from overheating in automated welding and monitors the critical cooling circuits.

In Conclusion

Leak detection systems are vital, with so many abilities. You can view flow rates in GPM or LPM, and it can handle flow rates of up to 50 LPM or 13GPM. There are vortex flow meter options, and you can tailor them to client needs.