Fit-in your brand image within your packaging as the packaging cartons do to your items. Employ this boxing style to spread improved brand awareness too to generate the highest benefits from them.

How are the cartons different?

The custom printed folding cartons are created particularly to resolve all packaging hassles that manufacturers face while preparing for a retail display. They are superior to conventional boxes due to the additional flaps paced on the front and sides to cover the products better. The packaging has become a vital part of trading. Globalization has led to customers ordering your products from around the world. It is not just about catering to local demands but the scale of selling has crossed all boundaries and norms to reach a level where millions of items are distributed at stores annually. As the traders gained from expanded market potential, these distribution methods required a robust packaging system that helped in fulfilling the customers’ expectations productively.

Numerous sellers trade only through retail outlets. Retail trade is the biggest platform for selling products to a wide span of customers. Even in the time of rising e-trade, a large proportion of customers still prefer to ‘see’ the products before they purchase them. Shops house numerous imports that enable customers to buy foreign items like they are being manufactured in their neighborhood. Transportation and all sorts of handling expose the products to potential harm. Also, over time, manufacturers needed packaging that could contain the products for longer without them getting deteriorated. This was done to result in happier customers and improved brand reputation. Both of these are crucial factors in determining year-end revenues and re-order quantities. Customers would happily repeat purchases from the brand that delivers its stated promises and has a reliable distribution network that mainly stands on the quality of its packaging. These cartons are the best choice in this regard and prove to be affordable in housing products durably.

custom printed folding cartons

A carton for every need

The cartons work best when made to reflect the brand’s vision. Customized dimensions and content make the cartons customer magnet that compels them to take interest in what the brand has to offer. They create impressive visual impacts that stay with customers for longer and prompt them to indulge in impulsive purchases. Personalized content can create a high level of curiosity among customers and entice them in buying your products. We offer exceptional features to be incorporated into these boxes and increase their market appeal. A wide range of coating and lamination options teamed with embossed lettering, foil stamping, metallic inks, die-cutting, and numerous other choices are offered to make the products appeal strongly.

Moreover, these boxes can be obtained in different box types such as:

  • Straight Tuck End
  • Auto-Lock or Auto Bottom Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Locking Tray & Lid
  • Full Sealed Ends
  • Counter Top Display
  • Window Cartons

Add more value to your branding

Persuasive custom printed folding cartons can definitely take your brand reputation to new heights. The cartons are the answer to your branding needs as well as positively respond to other business facets including providing:

  • Rigidity: The paperboard used in these cratons comes in a variety of weights, allowing the cartons to remain structurally strong to keep the contents secure.
  • Flexibility: These cartons are engineered and styled in varied forms. These can be tailored for every industry and product type. Features likes hang tabs or windows can be added too.
  • Environmentally compliant: Most of the pulp used to create the cartons is bio-degradable and helps to reduce carbon footprints. This creates a cyclic process wherein the boxes are recycled to produced newer cartons and so on.
  • Clean printing. The cartons can be embossed with several texts and brand identity, allowing for the cartons to serve as a key marketing device that could make your products stand apart from the competition. A glossy look or a matt finish can also be given for enhanced effects.

Get these cartons delivered quickly at your prescribed addresses and designed accordingly. They are one of the most common and used packaging type in the market due to the various benefits they offer. Allow for effective retail display of new or existing products.