Taylor Tomlinson was in a relationship with fellow comedian Sam Morril from March 2020 to February 2022. They met in 2019 and started dating shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began. They quarantined together and documented their experiences on social media.

In 2021, Tomlinson spoke of her boyfriend Morril on several talk shows, as they had remained together despite the failed engagement. However, in late 2022, both comedians separately confirmed that they broke up and are now both single.

Beginning of a great career

When Taylor Tomlinson was just 16 years old, her father signed her up for stand-up comedy courses. She had a long career in small settings like cafes, schools, and even churches before she made it big. Taylor competed in the ninth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2015, and she ended up in the show’s top 10 contenders.

She has also been a guest host on The Tonight Show and other Comedy Central programmes. She was recognised by Variety as a “Top 10 Comedian to Watch” in 2019. Taylor’s “Quarter-Life Crisis” stand-up special premiered on Netflix in March of 2020, and her second, “Look at You,” premiered in March of 2022.

Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend: A Fellow Comedian

Morril grew up in NYC, the son of Ashkenazi Jewish parents. His mom, Marilyn Greenberg, is a painter and his stepdad is a publishing industry attorney. His grandpa was George Greenberg, former CEO of Loehmann’s clothing store chain. In ’93, when he was 7, his mom and stepdad married and he adopted the Morril surname.

He has two step-siblings. Through his bio dad (Elgort), Morril’s uncle is fashion photographer Arthur Elgort and cousin is actor/singer Ansel Elgort. He went to Browning School in Manhattan, then graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans.

Taylor Tomlinson isn’t the only stand-up comedian; Sam Morril’s also killing it! Not only is he a comedian, but he’s got acting, writing and producing credits to his name. He’s 35 now, born in Chelsea, MA but raised in NYC.

Morril comes from an artistic family – his mom Marilyn Greenberg is a painter and fiction writer. He got his surname from his step-dad Mark Charles Morril and he’s related to West Side Story star Ansel Elgort through his dad’s side.

He worked his way up the comedy scene in NYC before getting the chance to intern on Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report back in 2014. Since then he’s been making regular appearances on late night shows like Conan and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In 2016 he even tried out for America’s Got Talent Season 11 but didn’t make it past the Judge Cuts. You may have seen him on Billions or Inside Amy Schumer, among others.

Games With Names: Podcast With Sports Legends

Morril also co-hosts a podcast called “Games with Names” alongside former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman. The podcast just concluded its first season with 26 episodes, and featured guests such as Boston sports legends David Ortiz, Paul Pierce, and Zdeno Ch├íra. The podcast has garnered a loyal following, with fans tuning in to listen to the witty banter and fun games played by the hosts and their guests.

We Might Be Drunk: The Hit Podcast

Along with fellow comedian Mark Normand, Morril broadcasts a weekly podcast titled We Might Be Drunk. The podcast is well-liked because of the casual tone and friendly banter of its two presenters. Fans love the podcast because it has regular appearances by celebrities who discuss pop culture, entertainment news, and other subjects.

Taylor Tomlinson was naturally drawn to Sam Morril due to their mutual interest in humor and professional goals.

Analysis of Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril’s Romantic History

During the lockdown, the pair began sharing movies they had been making while quarantined. After that, others began to pair them together. The pair kept their admirers interested and even grew closer to one other throughout the lockdown. When interviewed together, they were both effusive in their praise of the other.

At one point, Taylor gave him a high praise without directly mentioning his name, but everyone in the room knew she was referring to Sam Morril. They’ve been together for a long time, yet their bond is stronger than ever.

Sam Morril is a big fan of Taylor’s and even appeared on stage during her “Quarter-Life Crisis” tour.

Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend, Sam Morril has obviously been a rock for her. Sam was there for Taylor when she told him about her broken engagement and the difficulties she was having as a result. Their postings and interviews have shown their undeniable affection for one another, and it is evident that they have a special bond.

Was Taylor Tomlinson Engaged To Sam Morril?

Taylor joked about being engaged on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in March 2020. “I had an awesome year… I got engaged,” she said, before adding “Thanks, but it didn’t work out!”

It was the same month she started posting clips of her and Sam in quarantine together, which makes it highly unlikely he was the subject of that material. They kept sharing footage of their life in lockdown, essentially creating a short web series.

Early on in the lockdown, Morril explained why they chose to make short videos. “We kinda lost control of our careers and lives a week ago… but it’s fun to be creative together,” he said.

Tomlinson agreed with her bf too, saying, “We’re totally stuck together, so we thought this would keep us sharp and creative instead of driving each other crazy.”

Did Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril break up?

Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril have officially broken up, even though they made it through quarantine and a failed engagement. Tomlinson ended her podcast “San In The City” on April 5th, and fans took this as a sign that her personal life was in turmoil – which it was.

Tomlinson was a guest on the U Up? podcast on March 13th and talked about comedy, mental health, relationships – basically confirming she’s single. Morril also revealed his single status on the Your Mom’s House podcast, saying “I had a breakup in February and I’m not ready to date yet.” He’s also made some comments about how things ended badly between him and Tomlinson on We Might Be Drunk.


After much speculation, it has come to light that Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend, Sam Morril, is no longer in the picture. Despite their break-up, Taylor remains positive and looks forward to her future endeavors.