Let’s face it. The world has never witnessed the effects of a global pandemic such as COVID-19. However, our world is changing thanks to the use of technologies during COVID. Many industries are currently losing money, but the most important ones, such as medicine and finance, are in the no wagering and risk zone in the future. They have had to rely on emerging technologies during COVID-19 to stay afloat.

Some of the trending technologies during lockdown include wristbands that stop you from touching your face and digital applications that provide solutions for businesses and their patrons.

Here are some examples of emerging technologies during the pandemic. 

1. No Contact Door Openers

For entrepreneurs such as Wyn Griffiths, there’s no choice but to up their game to create technologies during a crisis. One of them is a hands-free door opener that can fit into a user’s pocket and is easy to clean. It is designed to hold onto the handles and open doors using one’s forearm.

2. Mirakl

Mirakl is one of the technologies during the pandemic helping frontline workers get the required protective equipment. The emergence of an eCommerce platform that allows contractors, manufacturers, and distributors to communicate and deliberate over orders for medical use is a leap towards beating the pandemic. 

3. Lunit

Lunit is a medical software company in South Korea on the path to developing AI programs that use X-Ray images to capture lung diseases. The software is available for free. It’s pretty clear that technologies after the pandemic will make significant improvements in the medical field and flatten the curve of other diseases.

4. Starling Bank

Technologies during the pandemic are changing the way people utilize their modes of payment. For instance, being self-isolated, essentials and food are a priority for many people. But, there’s been a challenge in using technologies during the pandemic to pay for services rendered. 

Starling Bank has come up with a debit card that grants access to trusted parties to ensure the owner of the card can purchase items. Thus, people don’t need to exchange cash physically or use cheques. 

5. Cargo X

The creation of new technologies during an economic crisis is vital. Take, for example, a solution provided by this logistics tech company in Brazil. Their software enables workers to get their pay even when there’s no cash flow by facilitating upfront payments.

6. Takeoff Technologies

Technologies during lockdown are essential in ensuring customers get their orders fulfilled in cases where stores are understaffed. Takeoff has created technology during this time that makes use of robots to cater to clients’ needs.

7. Twiga Foods and Jumia

The two African tech giants are in partnership to help people in lockdown get fresh produce. Twiga Foods, a Kenyan company, created a network of more than 17,000 farmers and connected them with Jumia to get their goods to the online marketplace.

8. Dawex

Technologies used during COVID-19 are increasingly making use of data. The Data Exchange initiative created by Dawex provides a platform for institutions in need of non-personal data to attain it for coronavirus studies.

9. Optibus

This company uses its transport technologies to ensure that people have access to the best transport agencies, schedules, routes, and costs.

10. Virustatic Shield

Some technologies during the epidemic provide direct safety from the virus. One example is Virustatic Shield — a ventilator that can be used for self-care patients to help them breathe.

Technologies During the Pandemic: Let’s Face It

The world is changing, and so must our innovations. The use of hi-tech innovations is sure to flatten the curve of COVID-19 someday. What technologies during lockdown have helped to make your life easier?