The Benefits and Types of Sadqah

Written by zoekent | May 22, 2019

Benefits of Sadqah

Sadqah refers to all acts of goodness, kindness, and compassion. Contrary to popular belief, Sadqah doesn’t just mean giving handouts to the poor as well as needy; instead, it consists of all voluntary virtuous deeds that make a positive difference in the world.

The literal meaning of the word Sadqah, which is derived from an Arabic word Sadq (truth) is disbursing one’s abilities, intentions, and possessions in the way of the Almighty. Allah greatly appreciates and immensely rewards His creations if they give Sadqah Jariah.

Benefits of Sadqah

Any good deed that a believer performs is handsomely rewarded by Allah, many times over. This means that even a small act of Sadqah can help one in reaping unimaginable blessings. What’s even better is that Sadqah helps one attain the mercy of Allah, which in turn is not only useful in this life but also in the afterlife. Extending a helping hand to those in need can not only protect one from tragedies in this world but also provide shade on the day of resurrection and help you seek refuge from hellfire.

Types of Sadqah

Smiling at a fellow Muslim

While this might sound, but trust us, the mere action of smiling at a Muslim fellow is considered Sadqah. This is because by smiling, you impart happiness and make others feel good.

Guiding another individual in the right direction

Both metaphorically and literally, directing an individual in the correct path such that it will lead to the desired outcome is indeed a type of Sadqah. For instance, you can tell someone who is stuck in any type of difficulties as to what they can do to solve their issues, or you can guide someone on the road about how he or she can reach their destination.

Providing access to water

If you can give clean as well as safe water to someone thirsty or in need of it either by directly giving him some water you have or establishing a water cooler at some place so that people passing by can drink water. This is another type of Sadqah that’s highly appreciated.

Embracing righteousness yourself and helping others avoid the wicked path

Arguably, the type of Sadqah that helps acquire the greatest number of blessing is firstly staying on the ‘right’ track yourself and then assisting others to see the light. By fully committing yourself to Islam as well as wholeheartedly abiding by the religious instructions and then preventing others from immoral acts, you can truly make a difference.

Removing obstacles from pathway

Again, this might appear as an act unworthy of any real appreciation. However, do take into account how you can facilitate plenty of others by merely removing rocks and thorns (Any kind of harmful objects) from pathways. Allah does not let go such acts unrewarded.

Feeding someone hungry

Surely, you would have felt the pangs of hunger one time or another in your life. Haven’t you? How did you feel? Not good, we suppose. Well, that is exactly why feeding someone who is in dire need of sustenance is considered a Sadqah.

Guide a blind person

Helping a blind individual in any way be it crossing the road or helping them eat or drink is regarded as a Sadqah.

So, in this Ramadan 2019 do not hesitate even one bit to give sadqah in any shape or form. By helping others, you will get not only immense satisfaction but also the blessings of Allah. What can be better than this?

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