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How to Promote the Mental Health of Your Child

Today, everyone understands the significance of good mental health, but how do you help your child achieve it? Nowadays, you can find many mental health tips on the internet, but do you think that they may really work. Early mental health of a kid is really important because it helps in building a solid foundation to a house.

Let’s explore the ways through which you can promote your child’s mental health with the help of psychiatrist, Tim Fogliano.

1. Provide Unconditional Love to Your Child

unconditional love to your kid

According to Tim Fogliano, providing unconditional love to your child is one of the most reliable ways to grow up his/her confidence. Also, it helps to boost the mental health of a child. Since every child desires to be loved by his/her parents and family, so the parents must consider these three factors – Love, protection, and acceptance. These factors not only help in promoting mental health but also, help a child to grow self-confidence and strengths. Apart from this, makes sure that your kids don’t feel that your love depends upon their achievements and marks or grades in class. Also, make them understand the importance of mistakes, and tell them that it’s common to makes while growing, and will not affect their love. Tell them that you will not stop loving them, and your love is immense.

2. Provide Proper Administration and Discipline to Your kids

The second step that can help to promote the mental health of a child is to – teach them a comprehensive lesson of discipline and provide guidance to them. But, some parents love their children in such a way that they neglect their mistakes, which is not acceptable. Because neglecting mistakes can harm your child’s mental health. He/She will always behave inappropriately and will disobey the rules and regulations of the house. So make sure that you teach them the lesson of discipline and make them understand that mistakes that they are making are not acceptable by you and your family. But keep in mind that do not try to control them, always allow your child to learn and self-control.

3. Ensure Your Surroundings Are Safe

Always keep in mind that, do not let your child feel the fear. Make sure that your home is secure enough because home is the place where your child should be fearless. However, there are some situations in which a child becomes timid, worried, undercover, or anxious. Because for children, fear is for real. So try to sort out the problems that your child is facing and give him/her more confidence and love.

4. Teach Your Child Resiliency

teach your child

According to experts including Tim Foglianochild having good mental health includes some characteristics such as – Self-assurance and high self-confidence, Versatility to discover unique things, Amenability to improve, Capability to deal with stress and recover from trouble, etc. But, having these characteristics doesn’t mean that he/she will never experience disappointments. Also, disappointments may indeed lead to stress, anxiety, and sadness. So here where you have to teach your children the lesson of resiliency. Because it will lead your child to deal with the situations and will make him powerful enough to bounce back and conquer the problems.

Final Words

So these were some of the steps unveiled by an expert psychiatrist – Tim Fogliano that can help you to promote your child’s mental health. For any queries regarding adolescent therapy and adult therapy for all psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attention disorders, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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