Top 7 Points That Can Make You from a Freelancer to an Entrepreneur

Written by Stanislav Komsky | March 2, 2019

Freelancer to an Entrepreneur - stanislav komsky

Gone are the days when people work for 9 to 5 hours job! Nowadays every individual wants to be his own boss. Maybe this is the reason why most people are becoming freelancers. Hold on! Are they different from entrepreneurs? According to most experts being freelancers and being an entrepreneur are two different things. Now the question is what can make a freelancer an entrepreneur in the corporate world?

Let’s explore with the expert Stanislav Komsky

Physical Presence

Needless to say, you will not invite your customers at home. Whether it is about meeting with clients or preparing business strategies with the team, you need a professional environment and a workplace. In the beginning, you may find it difficult, but you have to find a place for it. Either you can choose shared workspace or you can hire a small office on rent.


Automating tasks become necessary, as work increases. Tasks like invoices, regular updates, reminders etc., all needed to be synchronized in a manner. Automation will directly bring regularity in work and improve productivity. All of these will ultimately give you a professional look to become an Entrepreneur. Also, it saves a lot of time and gives a good impression to your clients.

Try Marketing Yourself

Without a personal marketing technique, no one will be able to know about your skills and creativity.  A robust online presence is what makes entrepreneurs different from freelancers. Digital portfolio and a personal website of the business consultant should exist. As it will surely help in boosting professionalism and can bring profits for your business.

Do Register Your Company

register your company

According to experts, this is one of the most important steps every company should implement. Registering a company ensure that it is an official entity. It can be easily done by the proprietary company registered act. After registering, a company can accept payments and can claim all tax benefits.

“Delivering legal company services gives a reasonable response to the customers.”

Personify the Online Presence

marketing yourself

At present, having a social media presence is necessary for almost every business. According to experts, if you do not have a website, your business does not exist. The company’s website will help in conveying, its motive, services, testimonials and much more. Likewise, an email should be constituted with domain name same as of your business site.

“Digital Presence will surely help to become visible in the crowd and enhance productivity.”

Secure Storage

If in case any damage occurs to your PowerPoint, document, excel etc, it will seriously affect your company. As the work expands, usage of storage media also increases. If we need these important assets to be safe, we must make sure we have a backup of everything.

“We should have a storage space on the cloud making your assets always available.”

Build a network, Follow up and grow

Communicating with the clients even after the project has been delivered is necessary. It should not be like a project is finished, and an invoice is sent to the client and work is finished. We need to follow up with the clients for regular updates or the changes they need. Ask for feedback, if it is appreciable that’s good. If you need improvement, ask them to recommend.


Summing up with all the points with Stanislav Komsky. We can say that Entrepreneurship does not just happen overnight. It needs time, experience, resources, passion, and efficient skills.

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