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Gone are the days when traveling abroad are seen as a pastime designed for the rich. Over and over again, money has been the dominant reason why many never fulfill their dreams of traveling the world or going to their desired country.  Whether it is for study, vacation, or even living abroad, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. Here are tips and tricks to traveling abroad on a budget or even for free. Read on for the full scoop.

Scholarships and fellowship

Studying abroad for free through scholarships has become popular for years now but we cannot help but include it in the list. This, however, comes with some restrictions that include eligibility criteria, minimum educational qualifications, deadlines on applications, and many more. The scholarship world is highly competitive as there are many students like you striving to win limited awarded scholarships. However, if you are up to the mark, this is something you should definitely consider. The good thing there are various universities, fellowships, and government funding schemes that are willing to fund your education abroad. Hence, no matter your region, educational background, or destination, there is something out there for you. Plus, they can be partially or fully funded for your travel and studying experience.

Financial aids

Do you know that your current financial aids can be extended to abroad study for a semester or full year? You heard it well! Many financial aids are extended to abroad studies so far if it is affiliated or run by your school. Any grants, loans, government financial aid, or scholarships received are allowed abroad as payment in order to encourage international exposure. However, don’t just dab into this. Talk to your university t advisor to know how it works.

Volunteer abroad programs

Who says gaining abroad travel experiences for free or cheaply can only be through scholarship and financial aid? There are other options such as volunteering which offers great benefits than free meals and housing. This is the innate joy that flows when you serve others.

While some can charge program fees to cover the cost of volunteering, there are international volunteering organizations that can cover all your expenses and even provide stipends. Another way to go is to opt for WWOOFing, a free World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms platform that allows volunteers to help out farmers who need extra hands. Not only will you be provided with free food and housing, but you will also gain exposure to local languages and culture.

International jobs

Getting a job is one of the best ways to earn extra bucks while exploring the world. Therefore, if you are an expert in a particular field and you have the right skills and expertise, it is time to get them to work for you. For this, there are international career sites where you can link up with employers that are looking for international applicants. There are also other job opportunities that don’t require expertise in a particular field. From Au pair to waiters/waitress to bartending to yacht sailing, the options are endless.


Another way to earn income abroad is to become an English language teacher in a foreign country. This is one of the best gigs that will do good for your pockets. So far you can speak English fluently, the foreign world is looking for people like you.

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