Gifts are a part of any tradition and everyone does presenting a gift to their near ones to commemorate the significance of that particular day. Just like that you also celebrate the Rakhi day with a hope to shed happiness into your brother’s life with some of the outstanding gifts. But the thing is that you don’t want to stick to the gift that you have already gifted him over the years.

So let’s get some exclusive hints, on unique Raksha Bandhan gifts ideas that would be a nice catch for this Rakhi.

Leather wallet combo

Sometimes you actually think that what would be the ideal gift choice for your brother. This is because you know that your brother won’t just love any kind of gift so you have to choose that very diplomatically. So this time on Rakhi you thought of gifting a wallet combo, honestly, your brother will feel so close to the gift. You have actually made the quintessential gift attractive by adding some important element to it as you chose a combo gift which has a leather wallet, a, and a pen. The design of the wallet is quite composed and sleek.

Lend design tea mug

Your brother has a great knack for photography and no one knows that better than you. Therefore to encourage him more on photography you thought of including accessories related to the same. And the best thing is that you got a similar gift which is a tea mug in the shape of the lens and it has all the little details designed just like the lens. How amazingly striking it is because of the spectacular look of the mug which involves lots of creativity into its design. Apart from that, this gift is a perfect addition to someone’s life whose ultimate passion is photography.

Pen with a camera

Your brother is quite mad at having different types of gadgets. In fact, he is fervid to get more and more new gadgets that are trending in the market. Therefore remembering that you thought of arranging some kind of gift which would be similar to his liking. The gift you chose for this Rakhi is actually a ball pen with an inbuilt camera. Honestly, it looks so happening because the pen allows you to record any sound and take video. In addition to that, it also has the SD card so that you can record the video and keep it there. On top of that, the memory counts to 128 GB. That apart your brother can make the pen use as a USB device as well. But the best to note is that your brother can use the same pen as the USB drive as well.

Stylish backpac

These days whether it’s a girl or a boy everyone is much comfortable with backpacks. The best is that it gives you an easiness to move smoothly without any hesitation. Therefore, you too thought how nice it would be to select a backpack for your brother. Honestly, the idea is cool because the one is you choose has a splendid color in black. The inner portion of the bag has high standard fabric while the outer portion has a polyester fabric to resist any harshness. The next thing that you would notice in the bag is that it has the space; it is quite capacious with three large segments. That means your brother can easily tuck in a laptop, and a few clothes when he wants to travel somewhere. Therefore, no more thinking twice for the gift just grab it at once as your brother will seriously applaud your idea.

Electrical circuits

Your brother is a bit younger to you so you thought that why not gift him something alluring and that will equally interest him the best. For that, you thought of gifting him parts of electrical circuits on this Rakhi, here your brother can use the circuit parts to rebuild any model. This gift is appropriate for the age group of seven to fifteen years. And if your brother belongs to that category then don’t ever hesitate to get the gift. The gift consists of the parts like a photographic sensor, flashlight, and volume siren that he can adjust it easily. It is easy to snap it parts so no extra equipment is needed to fix that.

Jeans watch

Although your brother has too many watches in his closet, you thought of gifting him jeans watch. The spectacular watch that you selected for your brother is obviously different from a regular watch. It is an analog watch but made from jeans fabric. But the base material is pure leather so no need to worry about wear and tear. On top of that, it is resistant to water as well.

Thus, these are some of the important gifts that you can purchase from the gifts online India.