Use Packaging Inserts to Help Improve Product Presentation

Written by Ken Wilson | January 12, 2021

custom product packaging inserts

If you are looking for a constructive packaging that holds all of your product accessories in one box then inserts would surely help you out to save costs and ensure smoothness in operations.

How do these inserts function?

Modern commerce is all about making the customers happy to a level that makes them make the brand part of their purchases at regular intervals. An innovative contemporary addition to packaging is custom product packaging inserts. They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. This stands true for the invention of these inserts. Manufacturers have long been finding methods to increase the efficiency of their resources to gain exclusivity among peers. Inserts are a productive method to build a strong connection with the customers. They provide added satisfaction to customers by giving a feel of enhanced value for money. So many times, the product requires peripherals to be used along with the product. We often see the packaging box containing trays that are carved to hold these extra items conveniently. This helps the business in not just providing the whole product experience in one box but also offers various other benefits such as:

  1. They are great to hold several small items together in one place, allowing customers to use them aptly without suffering confusion.
  2. Carved spots also minimize the risk of errors and omissions during the packaging process. Empty slots would instantly become noticeable urging the packager to add the required items immediately.
  3. It is a cost-effective solution than obtaining separate packaging boxes for each item. Moreover, the cost of delivering is already paid by the seller so might as well add an insert to improve the overall package appeal.
  4. Builds goodwill with new customers by surprising them with additionally packed items.
  5. The inserts themselves also do not add significantly to total costs and make them a must-have item to spread brand awareness.
  6. These can be precisely tailored according to the products and the target customers. Delivering to exceed customer expectations is sure to be appreciated and remembered by consumers.
  7. They are a constructive way to liquidate hard-to-move inventory. These items can be added along with inserts and be used effectively as a marketing expense and fulfill promotional purposes.
  8. The right inserts increase loyalty. Customers are more likely to return to a brand that

appreciates them and packaging inserts can help your customers feel special.

custom product packaging inserts

Where to place them?

These inserts are pretty multi-functional and can serve numerous industries. However, it is the e-commerce market that benefits the most from them. As there is no at-the-moment contact with customers, manufacturers have devised a strategy to build a reliable relationship with customers through providing a step-by-step guide on how to use the product parts to enrich from the proper use of the products purchased. It also encourages them to keep repeating orders with the brand and allows the brand to project a positive attitude towards providing quality products.

The custom product packaging inserts can be obtained in a versatile variety. These include:

  • Carboard box inserts
  • Foam product inserts
  • Corrugated packaging inserts,
  • Plastic tray inserts

The inserts look simple but they help cater to complicated customer demands. It is vital that the brand offers differentiated packaging not just in terms of the outer appearance but also from the inside. The importance of unboxing the product is gaining momentum rapidly. Customers prefer brands that offer such experiences exceptionally. For the manufacturer, these inserts take care of a variety of tasks including:

  1. Product samples. Samples always work wonders for your brand recognition. Customers love free items. They are also an effective cross-selling tool to introduce new products to target customers.
  2. Convey discount offers. Although sellers can e-mail them to the customers, including them within the products’ packaging ensures that they land aptly on the customers’ hands instead of spam folders.
  3. Allow to present the whole product in one form rather than presenting the parts individually.

Encourage customers to give favorable feedback on social media to help spread positive word of mouth.

Are these right for you?

Before finalizing on the type of insert to avail, it is crucial to define the purpose for which you want them. Different industries utilize them for varied uses. One can observe the differences in the outlook of packaging with the type of products inside and the related extras with them. For instance, the smartphone segment, beauty industry, personal care items, and other kinds of electronics to name a few. These inserts can be customized in all sizes and cut-outs to hold any number of items of any shape. Plus, we also offer complementing packaging boxes to go with these inserts. You can request free samples to decide upon the right design to help you increase brand loyalty, sales, and profits.

The magnified impact that the inserts can have on your trade makes it a good idea to invest some thought into designing them to connect meaningfully with your customers. They offer a creative and pocket-friendly way to establish a long-term customer relationship. Innovatively drafted inserts help the brand to get noticed and appreciated. Sellers can customize the inserts according to customer segments to strike the right chord among the target audience. There is a wide buffet of choices that you can pick from. Right from selecting the apt laminations and coatings, to the inclusion of appeal enhancing features, every kind of custom styling can be incorporated to make them ring well with the brand’s motto.  Apart from selecting the ideal insert material, clients can also avail of them in different shades for maximum visual effects.

A must-have packaging companion

To sum up, these inserts give ample opportunity to earn more sales, seize new customers, or even clear some old merchandise. All you have to do is include a simple sheet of paper and resolve all your extra packaging needs too. If you still have apprehensions about selecting the appropriate printing partner then our gamut of free services is sure to win you over!

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