Is a complete video surveillance security systems so useful? Just watch the news to realize how widespread crime makes the need for security more urgent every day. Fortunately, technology provides citizens with ever better tools to protect homes, jobs and public places.

Alarms and burglar alarms are now installed in a large number of buildings; however, it is good to consider the importance that a modern video surveillance system can have for those who want something more. This type of system, in fact, is now within everyone’s reach.

But what do you need for a complete system?

The first element is the security camera systems in Chicago for video surveillance. There are now for all needs and price ranges. To monitor domestic environments, normally fixed lens cameras are sufficient, which do not allow zooming but are very good for checking the presence of intruders inside and outside the home. Cameras with variable optics instead, they are indicated where there is a need to enlarge details such as faces or plate numbers and are therefore preferable for systems to protect public places. Depending on your budget, invest in technologies capable of providing you with detailed images, especially if you need to monitor outdoor environments, gardens and low light areas, there are many technologies, but it is not a reason for this article to deepen this topic.

The video recorder is the fulcrum to which the signals of all the cameras flow and then arrive at the monitor. Since it is the heart of the system, it is advisable to choose a good quality device, saving on the video recorder can lead to the failure of the system when it is needed. Calculate well the number of video channels that the recorder must have based on the number of cameras you intend to connect now or in the future, as the number of channels is fixed, if you were to want to add more cameras than allowed you would be forced to change the video recorder.

Always based on the number of cameras you will install and the quality of the videos they will provide, you will need to have an audio/video hard disk large enough to hold all the recordings. In any case, we advise you not to choose one below 500 GB, and above all it is essential that it is a disk created for video surveillance, the common computer disks, even if compatible, make the system unstable (restarts, missing recordings, blocks of the system) the most popular models are the AV-GP of Western Digital and the Purple also of Western Digital marketing services.

When choosing the monitor, you must make sure that it supports the image quality of the cameras. In fact, it would be absurd to buy high definition cameras and then display the images on a screen with a lower resolution! if the monitor will always be kept on, use specific monitors for video surveillance as they guarantee an adequate and guaranteed duration even if always on.

An element that is often overlooked but of great strategic importance is the battery. This will supply electricity to your video surveillance system even if the power fails. In public structures, the systems are connected to uninterruptible power supplies so that they also work during a blackout, but at home it is different. Imagine the classic electrical outage during a bad storm or the simple tampering of the current by a thief before entering. Wouldn’t you prefer your plant to remain operational? Bring a battery as big as enough to power all connected cameras.

Regarding the wiring, be careful about the choices to make, if it is an analog, AHD or HD-CVI or TVI system, you can choose RG59 cable or CAT5E or CAT6 network cable with special adapters called baluns, while if it is network (IP) necessarily use CAT5E or CAT6 network cable, but the choice of network cable can also be strategic for thinking about a system in one technology and foreseeing the upgrade in the future, remember also the advantage of IP security systems that allow you to power the cameras directly from the signal cable.

Finally, depending on how you have designed your system, you can opt for a wi-fi reception system that will avoid having to have cable networks to connect the cameras, even if they may not guarantee excellent signal stability and above all, they are easily obscured. In addition, you could equip yourself with important additional devices such as IR illuminators which, activated by a motion sensor, also light many meters away making your video surveillance system even more effective, giving more light than that offered by the security camera and security systems in Chicago.