Vintage aesthetic clothes are all-rounded fashion statement clothes because they encompass all styles. They are clothing styles that existed 10 years ago, some were even in vogue around 20 years ago. What is more, when people wear these vintage styles in this decade, they look fashionable, chic, and lovely. Furthermore, most vintage aesthetic clothes are very cheap, which makes them popular among the younger generations.

This website will explain why you should consider wearing vintage clothes.

Vintage aesthetics means wearing clothes that have more than one style. The word ‘vintage’ itself means something that is not more than 30 years old. Vintages are different from antiques. Any clothing style that is 100 years old is called an ‘antique’ style.

Similarly, aesthetic means to be perceptive, sensitive to fashion sense. If a person has a fashion aesthetic, then that person has good fashion tastes.

Therefore, vintage aesthetics can be defined as having an excellent fashion taste for old-style clothes.

Vintage Aesthetic Clothes

Vintage aesthetic clothes come in different styles depending on the decade the style was in vogue. For example, 90s vintage aesthetic clothes have different styles compared to 80s vintage styles.

Fashion lovers can find vintage aesthetic clothes styles online. They can also go to physical vintage stores or thrift shops.

An advantage of wearing vintage aesthetic clothing styles is that you can do without the help of fashion experts.

You can just go online and find style inspirations from online vintage stores.

Some vintage style inspirations are listed below:

Vintage 2000

In the early ’20s, clothing styles were all about putting rhinestones on dresses, trousers, skirts, and accessories. People wore low waist trousers and complemented them with rhinestone blouses.

90s Vintage

The 90s fashion style was all about oversize and ripped clothing styles. 90s fashion style was the most popular among other fashion trends. No wonder, fashion icons continuously replicate this style in this decade.

To copy 90s vintage style, you can wear ripped jeans and pair them with an oversize light jacket.

80s Vintage

This style became trendy again when the film industry released a vintage movie. Many found the styles the actors wore in the movie cool and decided to copy them. The 80s vintage style is known for its unusual geometrical design.

Characteristics of 80s vintage styles

  • Ugliness
  • Oversized
  • Broad-shouldered
  • Puffiness
  • More Feminine

70s Vintage Styles

This style was revived in the 1990s and came again in the 20s. The difference is that the 70s trending in the late 20s has multiple layers of clothing. Examples are:

  • Pointed collared shirts
  • Crochet vintage dresses, skirts, sweaters
  • Flared pants
  • Blazer leather jacket

60s Vintage Style

This style is characterized by:

  • Clean-cut styles
  • Bold design in geometrical styles
  • Straight-cut design
  • Hippie design
  • Crazy patterned clothes
  • Jabot shirt
  • Whirled dresses
  • Flower patterned clothing styles

Vintage Girls Dresses

Vintage girls dresses are dress styles that were popular in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, 90s, and early 20s. Vintage girls dresses are popular for their colorful patterns and vibrant colors.

Pink Vintage Dress

Pink Vintage Dress is an old-style dress in pink color. Pink Vintage Dress is popular among little girls and girls that love pink colors.

Retro Summer Aesthetic

Retro Summer Aesthetic clothes are vintage clothes that can be worn in the summer or hot season.

Examples of Retro Summer Aesthetic clothes are:

Large Printed Dresses

Dresses that have large prints became popular two years ago. These dresses are fashionable, trendy, and come in various styles. From sleepwear to loungewear, and beachwear, large print styles are a must-have. They sell them online or in vintage stores at incredibly cheap prices. Moreover, large print dresses are made with light fabrics, which makes them ideal for summer wear.

Mix and Match Clothes

This dress style is for those who love the rockstar look. The clothes are made of cotton or other light fabrics. Examples include high waist trousers, skirts, and printed shirts. If you are a fan of colorful clothes that make you look edgy, this is the style for you. Also, if you’re looking for light but fashionable clothes to wear during summer, this style is for you. Like other vintage aesthetic clothes, it is not expensive to buy mix and match clothes.

Vintage Floral Dress

Vintage floral dresses were in vogue in the 90s and still trending till now. They are airy and soft to the touch. This is why many ladies choose floral-patterned retro dresses in the summer.

Maxi Retro Clothes

Maxi Retro clothes are currently in vogue right now. Although they are more expensive than other vintage clothes, they are light and cool to wear. These clothes come in different colorful patterns.

High Waist Retro Clothes

These clothes are lovely and flatter the body shape of those who wear them. That is, they bring out the shape of the body in a good way. This gives confidence to those who wear them. High waist clothes are classy when paired with the right accessories. They are not expensive and are easy to get. Professionals can wear these clothing styles in the summer and feel comfortable and fashionable.

Vintage Aesthetic Clothing

Vintage aesthetic clothing comes in different styles, as stated earlier.

Examples of vintage aesthetic clothing are:

Fairy-like Core Designs

Since the early ’20s, this feminine style became popular among fairytale lovers and little girls. This style is known for its animal-like features.

Homely Designs

Homely designs were popular in the ’70s. A homely dress is frilly, lacey, and feminine. Many women who live in farmlands prefer this style because it is a comfortable style. They are also ideal to wear to a romantic date by the beachside.

Benefits of Choosing Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and cheap to get. They are also sustainable and made of fabrics that can easily be disposed of. One major advantage is that they are ready-made clothes. Vintage fashion lovers don’t need to go the extra mile to look good. They can mix and match vintage clothing and still look fashionable.

You can wear vintage clothes anywhere. You can wear them to birthdays, dinners, formal outings, work, the beach, and so on.


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