Half-sister of Nick and Aaron Carter, Virginia Marie Carter is famous for being related to Nick and Aaron. Apart from this detail, there is not much information about the mysterious Virginia Carter. Her brother Nick was part of the Backstreet Boys band, and Aaron sang and rapped before his death. Aaron used to produce songs in his studio, which became popular. Here are a few things to know about Virginia Marie Carter.

About Virginia Marie Carter

Virginia has many half-siblings from her father’s relationship with his ex-wives. Two of her brothers died after the death of her father. Aaron, her half-brother, died in 2022. This made people more curious about his relationship with Virginia, who happens to be his half-sibling. Virginia Marie Carter is a private person who cherishes her privacy.

Moreover, most of Virginia’s siblings are her half-siblings. Additionally, two of her siblings are twins from different mothers. She has six half-siblings, both male and female, and a step-sibling. This is because her dad had three ex-wives, and each wife gave birth to children for him. Furthermore, Virginia is the oldest, while her youngest half-sibling is a teenager (17 years).

Is Virginia popular?

Unlike Aaron and Nick, Virginia’s popular half-siblings, Virginia isn’t a celebrity. And rarely does she participate in entertainment industry parties. She appeared in a 2006 television series. But she is a person who doesn’t expose her personal life, hence a lot of her fans’ curiosity was not satisfied.

Virginia’s profession

While Virginia may not be a public figure, there is a singular instance where she ventured into the world of television. Beyond this intriguing tidbit, Virginia remains shrouded in a veil of privacy, guarding the details of her profession closely.

Although unverified, certain sources suggest that she might be engaged in the real estate sector within the United States, purportedly achieving notable financial success in her endeavors. The veracity of such claims, however, remains a mystery known solely to Virginia herself.

Her appearance in the TV show

In 2006, Virginia made her debut in the TV series called House of Carters. The show was about the Carter family,¬† that is, Virginia’s family. Her half-siblings like Leslie, Aaron, and Nick were also featured. In addition, Virginia’s stepmother, Ginger, and Virginia’s dad, Robert, participated in the show. House of Carter stopped running after one season and eight episodes.

About her father

Virginia, aged 50, is the oldest child among her father’s children. Her father is Robert ‘Bob’ Carter. Her father had Virginia with his first wife. Unfortunately, in 2017 at the age of 65, Robert died.

After her father’s death

After Robert died, one of his children, Nick, announced the news on his social media page. Nick posted about how sad he is about his father’s death. Similarly, the late Aaron Carter who is a brother to Nick and Virginia posted about Robert’s death. Aaron also posted the news on his social media page. Nobody knows how he died even though he was found unconscious before he passed away.

Virginia’s mother

The identity of Virginia’s mother is not disclosed to the public for reasons best known to Virginia and her family. But as usual for Virginia Carter, people speculated about the woman that gave birth to her. They claimed that an American woman by the name of Margaret Daniels gave birth to her. No one knows how true this information is. They’ve only ever seen Virginia with her father’s wives.

The death of Virginia’s siblings

Two of Virginia’s siblings have died, one in 2012, and another in 2022. The first, Leslie, died at the age of 25 in America, while the second, Aaron, died ten years later. Everybody lamented that both siblings died too young, at a time when they were shining bright.

Leslie’s death

Leslie was found unconscious after complaining of ill health. She fell in the shower and didn’t wake up afterward. She was rushed to the hospital in New York, but unfortunately, she was dead when she was brought in. Leslie took some medicines and overdosed on them, which caused her death. She is survived by her daughter, Allysa, who was just ten months old when the sad incident occurred. Allysa would be almost 12 years now. Leslie is also survived by her husband of three years, Mike Ashton.

Aaron’s death

A decade later, Aaron Carter, brother to Leslie and Virginia Marie Carter also passed away at 34 years. It was his housekeeper that found his unresponsive body in the bathroom. His family performed an autopsy to know what happened to Aaron. But they didn’t tell the public the result of the autopsy. His family cremated his body and gave his ashes to Angel, who is his twin sister. Aaron’s death came as a shock to the family, as Leslie’s death was still fresh in their minds.

Virginia’s love life

As a private person, it is difficult for the public and the media to find out about her love life. Many don’t even know if she’s married, has a boyfriend, or is single. Neither do they know if she has a child or children. You would rarely find her posting on her social media pages because she is always away from the public glare. As a result, Virginia’s love life is rife with rumors, and some of these rumors are so ridiculous.

An example of Virginia’s rumored love life

Some people claim online that Virginia got hitched to Wilfred Benjamin and is happy in the marriage. Yet, when others did their findings, they discovered that Wilfred was married to another lady bearing the same name as Virginia. Apart from that, the woman was born in 1904 and died in 1986. This means that Wilfred was also old, making him far too old to be Virginia’s husband. Besides, the timeline didn’t correlate at all.


To summarize it all, the life of Virginia Marie Carter is still a mystery to many. As such, people who watched Carter’s show want to know about Robert Carter’s children and how they are doing. They’re especially curious to know where and how the Carter siblings are since most of them are out of the limelight.