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Written by Gloss MeUp | December 6, 2021


The Best Stores to Buy Protein & Food Supplements in Lahore 

A protein supplement is very beneficial for people who exercise or exert themselves a lot, especially those with a high metabolism. Protein supplements are the perfect supplement for people who want to keep their muscles. There has been an increase in interest in health and fitness in Pakistan, and due to the growing trend, Pakistani athletes and dieticians continue to recommend protein supplements to people.

At these stores, customers can find a wide range of health products and dietary supplements of high quality. When opening a small Vitamin and Supplements store in Lahore, it is essential to come up with a detailed business plan. First, you must determine the scope of your business and then decide whether it should be a full-time or part-time operation. Your company can be successful if you provide excellent customer service and order products. You will quickly discover that it’s a very competitive market once you start your venture.


Additionally, to offer a wide assortment of products, GlossMeUp is a leading E-commerce store and best supplements store, known for its weight management, beauty, cosmetics, bone health, infertility, and immune-boosting products. Among the best in the industry, their wellness beauty products are available. The company offers a range of DRAP-approved, ISO Certified products with unique formulations that are known for not posing any health or skin risks. Their vitamins and supplements are adequate quickly and simply. All their products are naturally sourced and are not harmful to your health.

Bravo Nutrition

Quality, reliability, and trust are synonyms for Bravo Nutrition in the nutrition world. Initially, the business was an online store operated by aspiring weight lifters and trainers. Currently, the company operates as a full-fledged online supplement store in Pakistan under the supervision of professional trainers, bodybuilders, and fitness experts. Bravo Nutrition is pleased to serve these regions, including Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad, as a distributor of top-quality supplements. You can find an assortment of supplements for every purpose, including weight gain supplements, weight loss supplements, and more.


The whole Tabiyat team is working hard to solve two major issues in retail pharmacy: acquiring medicine and counterfeiting medicines. Taking into account the prevalence of counterfeit drugs in pharmacies across Pakistan, they have realized that the only proper way to combat this endemic is to obtain directly from the source – pharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, they offer an online platform that streamlines the process of buying over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications, delivering them right to your door. In addition to providing their customers with a convenient and straightforward approach to their medicinal and wellness needs, they also operate as an e-pharmacy. One city at a time, they are offering customers access to healthcare products by emphasizing customer satisfaction.


Over the past ten years, Nutrifactor has been manufacturing natural health care products such as food supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Our family-owned pharmaceutical business has provided us with more than 30 years of expertise that allows us to identify industry trends much earlier than our competitors. In order to better serve those at home and abroad, Nutrifactor has invested heavily in an extensive manufacturing network, a well-equipped lab, modern instruments, efficient distribution, and warehousing to position the company for future growth.


Versus for Her

Dedicated to health and wellness, they are an enthusiastic team. Their vision is to help women overcome the biggest obstacles to living life to the fullest, with the brightest smile and renewed determination to combat challenges. 

At VersusTM, they empower the women of today to shatter societal and mental barriers that stand between them and their unprecedented goals-one superfood at a time.


In 2017, a dream became a reality through the establishment of the first official Pakistani fashion page, which won the hearts of many fashionistas who were craving growth to become trendsetters. Their mission to bring the latest western fashion to Pakistan has always strived hard to align their mission with their fans.

In 2017, they launched Bagallery, an online store that facilitates the smooth flow of information between all parts of the world. They are not only dedicated to delivering products to our valued customers, in the broadest sense, they also deliver excellent customer experience, support, and trust at your doorstep. They hope to deliver even more excellent value to every customer throughout this year and promise to improve your shopping experience and offer you more discount opportunities.

My Vitamin Store

Natural Health Stores, a chain of vitamin stores, offers vitamin products, sports nutrition, supplements, and other natural products for personal and household care from leading national and international brands. Providing high-quality, safe, effective, and enjoyable products, educating people about safe and effective use, as well as fostering a passion for healthy living are at the heart of the company’s mission. They have helped people improve their understanding of healthy living throughout the years, such as following hygiene standards, participating in physical activity, and understanding nutritional requirements at every stage of life. 


You must always buy supplements from reputed stores if you plan on purchasing some of these products from the Online Supplements Store in Lahore. A product of inferior quality may cause severe health problems if you purchase it. It is also wise to consider the quality of the ingredients used to make the product. If you don’t know what a product is made up of, there is no point in spending money on it. High-quality products will live up to their names.

Through the internet, one can locate almost all Supplements Stores in Lahore. There is a wide selection of products that will be available to you at these stores. Additionally, the supplements are available online at several retailers. You can select the product that suits your requirement.

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