The whole process of supply chain management can be hectic if manually done. Sometimes, supplying the products on time as well as with the multiple channels can be turn out to be testing, if the inventory isn’t managed efficiently. It becomes beyond impossible to track the inventory processes at multiple warehouses as well as the needs of the buyers. 


An inventory or stock is referred to as the stock of goods, products, or materials which the sellers keep in store to sell, resell, or repair them, as required. You might come across a huge number of warehouses that are built up to keep stocks and inventory for the various companies and businesses. If you have warehouses and were looking for ways to track it, then you can look at Unicommerce’s Warehouse Management software, which is developed in such a way to help you out in managing as well as monitoring the inventory in your warehouses. 

For a better understanding of the warehouse’s spaces and how inventory management is important in succeeding in this industry, you need to read the whole blog.  

Inventory Management

It is a procedure to monitor the stocked products, goods, or material as well as supervising the weight, amount, dimensions, location, and present status of the product. The main purpose of this management is to reduce irrelevant prices of the companies or industries on buying excess stock. It helps them in knowing about the actual restock or buying the few raw materials for manufacturing the goods. 

Importance of Inventory Management 

An apt Inventory Management software is highly needed in every company to track the products, goods, or stock to meet up with the high demands of the consumers and enhance the customers’ experiences properly. It is regarded as the best way of doing business, especially in the warehouse sector.

If you are already using an Inventory Management Software or you are planning to opt for one, in any of the scenarios, we thought it would be best if you get the whole idea about the same.  Eventually, it might help you in improving productivity as well as the profitability of your company.

Challenges for the new warehouse owners

  • Pre-planning 

There are innumerable times, where the prime cause of any business downfall is failing to plan and count all the risks it might come up in the near future. So, it is essential to examine and figure out where and how the risks you might come across in the long run and plan accordingly. This might actually help you in utilizing your time as well as downtime when such a situation prevails. 

  • Acquainted of par levels

Par levels mean containing the minimum amount of product in hand for the business. In order to manage the inventory and stocks to set up par levels for each and every product or goods. This will avert you from ordering excess and at last end up with all the surplus products which might take time to sell. You will be aware when certain inventory item or stock is running short or reached the predetermined levels and when is the time to load the stock in your warehouse. 

  • FIFO based

FIFO means First In First Out. More precisely, It means that you need to sell out your old stock (first in) before the new stock (first out) to prevent unselling, damaged, spoiled products. The principle works for non-perishable products too, as they have been placed far in the back shelf, which is much-likely to get damaged. 


It is always recommended to install an organized as well as constructive inventory management software for your company. Unicommerce is regarded as the leader in the supply chain management which provides cloud ERP and a single dashboard to manage and organize the entire operations of e-commerce and retail business. It will help you in minimizing the errors, lower the costs, survey the sales patterns, enhance the customer experiences, and help you in earning business profits.