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Written by Jane Brewer | February 19, 2020

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When Jeff Bezos first started Amazon in 1994, he sold books online. A simple Google search will reveal this. He was the first among the firsts when it comes to selling online. He had everything an online retailer would dream of–zero competition, endless opportunities, and monopoly in the market. 

The list of what he didn’t have is longer. There were no ground rules, no guidelines, no instructions, no codes, and no set direction ahead to move forward. Amazon jumped off a cliff and built a parachute on its way down. Had there been any guidelines, tools or resources available, the picture would have been different for Amazon at that time. It took Amazon close to 25 years to become the largest internet company in the world.

Today, in 2019, you do not have to fight the same battle Amazon fought. There are directions and guidelines available today. If you want to start an online store, you get a head-start today. The need to build a parachute has been eliminated. Everyone taking the big leap has a parachute, the ability today lies in how well one maneuvers it. 

Brace yourselves because here is the most exhaustive list of all that you will ever need for all your web design and development needs.


10 best tools for typography

10 Websites for free stock images

10 YouTube channels for web design and development

10 best Animation tools for design and development

10 Web Design Tools

10 best tool for website accessibility

10 tools to improve online user experience

5 best tools for color design

5 tools to make videos

5 platforms to build a chatbot

5 best e-books on web design and development

5 Free courses of design and development

10 Tools For Typography

I love Typography: A blog by John Boardley on type design, pages, words, and lettering, typographic firsts, fonts and much more. 

Typography.Guru: International community around fields of calligraphy, lettering, and typography.

Typedia: A collective encyclopedia for classify, connect, and categorize typefaces. 

Type Zebra: Test all the fonts easily on your system.

WhatTheFont: You can identify any given unknown font with their robust font finder tool.

Fontology: A typography course by Fonts.com, this website educates individuals on design and typography in the most comprehensive manner.

Archetypepp: Find the most compatible pair of fonts for your website with Archetypeapp right from the browser.

Typographic Posters: A great collection of font posters and typographic images from around the internet.

Typewolf: A daily dose of inspiration for designers and web developers.

Font Joy: With their deep learning method, font pairing is made easy.

10 Great Websites For Free Stock Images

Unsplash: Thousands of high-resolution photos that are free under the Unsplash license. 

Pexels: Easy to discover, tons of free photos under Creative Commons Zero or CC0 license

Pixabay: Giant collection of stock images, art illustrations, and vector images under CC0 license.

Burst: A completely free and useful stock image website from Shopify.

SplitShire: Another great website with thousands of high-resolution stock images.

Gratisography: A wacky collection of high-resolution stock images. It has the most unique collection of free photos.

Freestocks.Org: A website with more than 1500 free, high-quality images submitted by three photographers.

Picography: A giant collection of free high-resolution images for all your needs.

Kaboompics: With more than 8000 images and new ones being added daily, this is a great source for free stock images.

Little Visuals: Owner of the website, Nic, passed away but his memory lives in the from wonderful free stock images.

10 YouTube Channels For E-commerce Web Design & Development

Charli Marie TV: Charli Marie, a web and graphic designer in London posts informative videos about tools, concepts, and projects.

The New Boston: This is one of the most popular channels on YouTube for everything related to web design and development. 

Teela Cunningham: A new video is released every Tuesday covering topics like Adobe illustrator, hand-lettering, and Photoshop.

Tutvid: One can easily learn and apply advanced graphic designing skills in Adobe photoshop and illustrator.

Flux: Ran Segall shares his journey and lessons as a graphic designer. His videos are highly informative with a lot of depth.

CSS-Tricks: A comprehensive channel covering everything related to web design.

Becky Kinkead: She provides great tips on branding, photoshop tutorials, and graphic designing.

Mackenzie Child: Great tutorials and videos about web and front-end design.

Dansky: Great web design tutorials for anyone from beginner to expert.

DevTips: Get weekly videos on CSS animations, Adobe XD and much more on personal as well as web development.

10 best Animation tools for design and development

Animaker: You can create layered and 2D animation, animated infographics, animated whiteboards, and typography. 

Renderforest: Create beautiful intros, slideshows, music visualizations, animations, trailers, YouTube openings, explainer videos, promo videos, and advertisements. 

VideoScribe: Create hand-drawn and animated videos, add your own music and create beautiful animated videos.’

Powtoon: One of the best animation tools out there, Powtoon offers a plethora of options to create wonderful animations.

Vyond: With tons of templates, sounds, props, etc, create professional-grade videos with Vyond.

SketchUp: A robust 3D modeling tool to create detailed objects.

Adobe After Effects: Create stupendous visual effects and set anything in motion with keyframes.

Adobe Character Animator: Animate simple 2D characters in real-time with smooth transitions in the animation.

Moovly: Make advertising videos, conference presentation, or simple explainer videos real quick.

Prezi: A stylish online animation tool to create beautiful presentations and graphics.

10 Best Web Design Tools

150 Vector Icons: A huge collection of logo sets and free icons for e-commerce businesses.

Fixer: An elegant and bold geometric typeface with multiple weights to play and layer up.

Colormind: A color scheme generator with an intelligent tool that can recognize colors from pictures, movies or popular art. 

Ludus: A comprehensive tool to breathe life into ideas with beautiful slides. 

Kumu: A captivating display font inclined on modular patterns, Kumu is a one of its kind tool for fonts.

Bootstrap: A fantastic tool to prototype your ideas or build an entire app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Adaptive Images: This amazing tool detects your user’s screen-size automatically and creates, caches, and delivers re-scaled versions of your website’s images.

Picular: A fantastic search engine for colors. Just enter whatever is in your mind and the website will throw relevant colors.

Drawser: An entirely free vector-graphics editor that has some great features for professional design.

Overflow: This platform easily integrates and syncs with other popular design tools to create seamless user flows.

10 best tool for website accessibility

CheckMyColours: A tool that checks foreground and background colour combinations and determines if they provide sufficient vision to someone having color deficits.

WP Accessibility: Multiple accessibility-related queries are solved easily with the help of this comprehensive tool.

Accessible Poetry: Some of the most common accessibility related issues like accessing a toolbar for font and contrast changes etc is easily managed by this tool.

aXe: An open-source rules library for complete accessibility testing to help developers avoid common pitfalls.

AChecker: A fantastic tool that evaluates your website’s HTML content for any known issues pertaining to accessibility.

tota11y: Presented by Khan Academy, tota11y aims at providing a complete solution for testing any barriers to website accessibility. 

WAVE: An exceptional tool by WebAIM that provides visual feedback about the accessibility of your website’s content.

W3C WAI: A superb guideline developed by World Wide Web Consortium- W3C that provides technical specifications, techniques, guidelines, and supporting resources.

Text-To-Speech-Converter: Convert any given text on your website to speech easily with automated APIs.

Divi Accessibility: A plugin that greatly improves Divi accessibility in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. 

10 Tools To Improve Online User Experience

Balsamiq: You can design and develop awesome websites with Balsamiq wireframes with a quick drag-and-drop UI.

Red Pen: An internal feedback tool for the visual team to provide instant feedback for the ongoing project.

Optimizely: One of the most popular landing pages and test software, you can edit colors, text, and images and much more.

Visual Web Optimizer: A multi-purpose tool with a point-and-click interface to perform multivariate and A/B testing, split URL testing etc.

Mockingbird: Create, share, link, and preview the mockups of your website with Mockingbird.

Gliffy: This tool lets you create superior grade wireframes, technical diagrams, and flowcharts.

Hotjar: An all-inclusive analytics and feedback platform where you can review customer behaviour with heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analysis, and recordings.

UXPin: A full-stack UX design platform to test prototypes, and assemble documentation.

UX Project Checklist: Highly recommended and useful to help you with a project and review the UX stages effectively.

InVision: Create stunning, interactive, and clickable prototypes with InVision for your website. 

5 Tools For Color Design

Adobe Color CC: Create, save, and browse a myriad of color palettes with Adobe Color CC.

Colourlovers: An International creative community of designers and artists to create and share colors, patterns, and palettes.

Guide to Color Psychology: Intricately detailed and the go-to guide for all your color-related queries and concerns.

Stylify Me: Aptly gain an overview of color schemes in sites including fonts, sizing, spacing etc.

Shutterstock Spectrum: A color search tool aided by a huge library of stock images. 

5 Tools To Make Quick Videos

Adobe Spark: This tool has everything that you will need to bring your ideas into visual reality.

Animoto: Pick texts, videos, photos, and music of your choice and create instant short videos. 

Biteable: An easy to use and feature packed video creating app with every tool that you will need.

YouTube Editor: A great way to create and upload your videos directly on the platform as well as on your website.

StoriesAds.com: Make short, quick, and captivating video content for your audience on Instagram.

5 Platforms To Build A Chatbot

Chatfuel: One of the leading platforms to build a Chatbot for your audience on Messenger or Telegram.

Botsify: Create a smart Chatbot which will interact with your customer on your behalf and reduce your customer support cost.

Motion.ai: Now acquired by Hubspot, with Motion.ai Chatbot, you can easily automate and scale your online business. 

Pandorabots: An integrated development environment for building Chatbots using AI as a service. 

ChattyPeople: Build custom Chatbots for Facebook and Slackbot for your e-commerce website or an online store.

5 Best eBooks on e-Commerce Web design and development

Flat Design & Colors: Provides amazing techniques for using flat colors and flat design with 40 examples from Google, Squarespace etc.

Resilient Web Design: There are numerous ideas and approaches that discuss resilient web design.

Adaptive Web Design: A fantastic book that lays down fantastic tips in HTML5, CSS3, and gestural interfaces.

Designing For The Web: The book provides basics communicating by design. 

UX Design For Startups: Book contains close to 127 pages of UX advice from UXPin CEO Marcin Treder and has a list of more than 60 handpicked design tools.


No matter what people say with regards to developing and maintaining an e-commerce website, it is not as easy as it sounds. But, it is one of the best existing ways today to make money and become an independent entrepreneur.  The ground rules, the aspirations, and the directions to becoming a successful online store have been set. The path is clear and visible for anyone to traverse on. One can easily opt for E-commerce portal development and make their first buck.

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