An alternate for drawing pins and sticky tapes is now available in the market.  The product is called White tackwhich helps hold up posters, cards, paintings, decorations, and many more. Its best adhesive form makes its use incredible in construction and painting. It is a pressure-sensitive product with the consistency of putty, and it is a removable fixing agent which is not visible on white paper. It is suitable to fix surfaces in homes, offices, and schools. It is a product that is quick in action and easy to use. 

Is it safe to use white tack?

Compared with blue tack, white tack has no difference in its usage, but it is always safe to use white tack as it leaves no stains on the white paper surface. 

But, the blue tack will likely go the color on the surface. The design of white tack is especially for preventing the cover from paint residues. 

The product is available with a small tab that can be pulled when needed to remove it from the wall. It is suitable to use on painted walls, glass surfaces, tiles, metal, and dry walls. 

Components of white tack

Knowing about the components of white tack is crucial to getting detailed information. The product does not exhibit any hazardous features under normal conditions. 

The central part of the product is synthetic rubber compound which does not harm even on consumption. The other notable characteristic features include

  • It is not a carcinogenic material
  • It is a non-soluble substance
  • It is denser than water

Uses of the White Tack

The description of White tack gives clear information on where to use and how to use the product. The specific reusable solution is suitable for temporarily fixing paper and other materials. Some of its essential usages include.

  • To hold ornaments
  • To hold telephones
  • Message pads
  • Plant posts
  • To fix the display posters firmly on any surface
  • To have the drawings and so on

Comparing all the features, white tack is the best product for all general uses. 

Suitable for walls

Non-greasy putty stays in excellent condition for a more extended period. White sticky tack is acid and solvent-free and does not damage work or walls in any aspect. 

The product is suitable to use over and over and is available in sleek packaging for convenient use. 

The product is easy to use without any fear and suitable to store under normal conditions without the feat of drying. The product remains safe in walls to hold any decorative or functional hangings.  

Hang anything on the wall

Customers have experimented with the product with several options to know its efficiency. 

The overall impression of White sticky tack gives fantastic results. Some practical uses are listed here for a better understanding of the product. The testing results include

  • The product can stick paper to paper
  • The product sticks card to the paper
  • The product can attach the paper to a wall
  • The product can stick spoons to walls and lightweight utensils on paper.

The users are continuing the experiments to know its usage on various objects, giving impressive results to the users. 

Decorate your walls 

The product is suitable for hanging decorative on walls without damaging the texture of walls. There might be some confusion about whether the product affects the painted walls. 

It is excellent stuff to use on painted and coated walls as it is safe to remove from the surfaces.

It is possible to remove the stains from the walls after removing the white tacks. No extra effort is required to remove the stains; hence, most people have recently ordered the product. 

The users can hang any decorative items for any occasion or celebration to bring brightness and vibrations. 

It is a suitable online option and is the best fixing solution that adds beauty to festivals and events

The best fixing solution for kid’s room

Kids are interested in decorating their walls. But using nails to make the room attractive and innovative is challenging. 

White sticky tacks are the best fixing solution that makes the kid’s room more inviting by hanging posters, pictures, and lightweight models related to their subjects and studies.

It is a temporary hanging solution that can be removed when not in use or not necessary. Kids can hang their paintings and drawings on the walls using the fixing solution. It is a worthy product available online.

Buy the product online

Online stores make the product available in offers; hence there are possibilities to buy the product at an affordable cost.

An extra percentage of the product is available at the exact price, which is the added benefit of placing the order for the product online. 


Adhesives are of different types, and white sticky tacks are the type that gives the best fixing solution in residential and official places. The product is suitable for multiple purposes, and hence it remains a highly demandable product.