White jumpsuits have been so on-trend lately that you might be thinking about wearing one on your wedding day! No matter what you wear, it’s a big decision that you need to really think about and be comfortable with – so do what’s best for you. So here’s how to wear a white jumpsuit on your wedding day:


Since you are already making such a statement with your awesome white jumpsuit, you might not need the same types of accessories that you would usually pair with a big wedding dress. That being said, the right accessories can really help you complete your look and create that wow factor when you walk down the aisle. The best accessories for a white jumpsuit are minimal and delicate – think some simple drop earrings that are shiny enough to catch the light but won’t overpower the outfit. You can also add a smaller necklace or bracelet option as well if you have a low or V-neck cut jumpsuit that doesn’t have sleeves. When it comes to shoes, a white jumpsuit will really look the best with a simple heeled sandal. White or nude are flattering colors but also you shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement with your shoes with a pop of color like red or pink. Another accessory that you need to think about with a white wedding jumpsuit is the veil. Many women think that they can’t possibly wear a veil if they wear a jumpsuit but that isn’t true! If you want something different to go with your jumpsuit, you could try veil styles like birdcage or accordion.

Wear It to the Reception 

If you hate the idea of not being able to really dance at your own wedding because of a huge wedding dress, but also don’t want to forego the tradition of the dress altogether, then changing into a white jumpsuit for your wedding reception might be a great option for you. It really gives you the best of both worlds! It also allows you to please some of the more traditional people in your life (hello mom and grandma) by still incorporating the traditional wedding dress for the ceremony. Many women assume that wearing two different outfits at their wedding isn’t an option for them because of budget restraints, but a lot of wedding jumpsuits are actually way more affordable than most dresses are. So even the most budget-conscious bride is able to prioritize comfort and functionality by changing into a white jumpsuit for the reception. 

Where to Find a White Jumpsuit

Since white jumpsuits aren’t necessarily the most popular wedding attire choice, you might have a harder time finding them in your local bridal shops. However, more and more designers are taking notice of the trend and creating amazing bridal jumpsuits for their lines to accommodate modern brides. The best thing that you can do is to call ahead to shops in your area to see if they have what you are looking for before you come in or do research online. 

How to Incorporate a White Jumpsuit into Your Wedding

Many brides struggle with the idea of wearing a white jumpsuit on their wedding day because they don’t know how to plan around it. A lot of people often assume that you can only wear a jumpsuit to a more casual wedding but there are definitely more formal jumpsuit options out there that would work well with a more formal event.

Another problem that some brides run into when contemplating wearing a jumpsuit is then deciding on the attire for the wedding party. If you are wearing a jumpsuit, should your bridesmaids wear pants too or should they wear dresses? There is no right answer here and it totally depends on the style of your day, your preferences, and your bridesmaids’ preferences as well. If there are mixed opinions, don’t be afraid to let your girls choose whether they want to wear pants or a dress – everyone will look fabulous either way! 

With the right planning and coordination, you can make a chic statement when you walk down the aisle in your white jumpsuit. If dresses aren’t your thing, don’t be afraid to be a little bit different and choose this trendy but timeless option.