Why Brasil is Good at Football?

Written by Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares | July 9, 2019

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares - Brasil Football Team

When we talk about the legends game – football, we cannot ignore Brazilian teams who set a benchmark for youth to understand how football should be played. When we talk about the Brazilian team and football, it becomes necessary to mention Ronaldo, Zico, Socrates, Rivaldo, and many other top players who are just a bundle of talent. Most people may not know that Brazil is the team who won the world cup more times as compared to other nations.

Let’s find out the reasons why Brazil is good at football with Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares.

It has a great population of football lovers

According to most people, football is just a game of numbers. Apart from China, India, USA, and Indonesia, Brazil has a larger population. But what makes Brazil different from these countries is the passion they have for football. In Brazil, you will not only find passionate players but also breeding grounds where they become a perfectionist in the game.


Futsal is smaller pitches where two teams play, including five players each, and they need to focus on close control, and how to use place. It basically makes you think about how to perform and kick fast. Those who practice in futsal, which is huge in Brazil find playing this game easier when you play at a professional level.


When it comes to competing in a football match, Brazilian footballer knows how to give tough competition to its rivals. They start their competition from the streets and fight with the other players to fetch the attention of clubs. For some players, football is not only a game but a way to get out of poverty. Talented players in Brazilian teams always knows how to give competition to others and how to create a win-win game.

Habit of Winning

You just can’t ignore their habit of winning. They have set the benchmark of winning in the history of football. When you grow up watching players hitting the ball in a stadium and stealing the hearts of millions with their kick, it definitely gives you Goosebumps. Nothing could be better than watching your favorite team in jersey in every football season.

Street Football

If you think an individual become a player in a stadium, you might be wrong. An individual becomes a player in the street. If someone is passionate about these sports, you will find him playing in streets barefoot without any concern. Usually, youngsters get inspiration from the story of their favorite players who start their journey from scratch, and today, they are known as winners.
When it comes to comparison, you will find street players more powerful as compared to 10 normal players.

Final Words

These are a few factors that justify why Brazilians are the best footballers. However, according to Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, there are many other factors also that describe the qualities and traits of talented players of Brazil. If you have any reason to share that proves why they are best, feel free, to share with us.

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