Important Things to Know About Womens Beach Volleyball

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womens beach volleyball

Womens Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball over the years has become very popular and can be played by both men and women. That is why you can see men’s and womens beach volleyball teams in different competitions both local and international. Sometimes you can also see the mixture of both genders. For volleyball lovers, you can see them going crazy over volleyball aesthetic wallpaper and the likes.

Beach volleyball is an outdoor game that has similarities with the indoor volleyball game just that you have to play it on the sand with fewer players. It is usually played with two players on each team. The team will have to play the ball on the sand court which is divided with a net. The aim of the game is for each team to send the ball over the net so that it touches the ground side of their opponent’s courtside. The team has to work together to ensure the ball does touch the ground part of their court.

Womens Beach Volleyball at the Olympic

The very first-time beach volleyball was introduced at the Olympics was at the 1992 summer Olympics that was held in Barcelona. That year it was introduced just as a demonstration sport or event but became an official sport of the Olympics in 1996. Nancy Reno and Karolyn Kirby were the first women beach volleyball players to win the tournament during the first introduction of the game in Barcelona. Sandra Pires and Jackie Silva from Brazil won the women’s tournament at the 1996 Olympics. At the Atlanta Olympics of 1996, the number of womens beach volleyball teams was just 18 which was later increased to 24 teams in the 2000 Olympics.

The Dimension of Beach Volleyball Playing Area and Equipment

Beach volleyball is more difficult than normal or indoor volleyball as there are fewer players and movement on the sand is not that easy. This is why the ball is lighter when compared to the other variant. All the measurements listed below are based on Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) guidelines.

Beach Volleyball:

The weight of the ball is between 260 to 280gms with a circumference of 66 to 68cm.

The Playing Area:

The court of beach volleyball is 8m wide and 16m long with all the sides having about 3m wide free zone. The surface of the court consists of sand which must be uniform to some extent. The surface should be free of stones, rocks, or any other thing that can cause injuries. Then you have the service zone which is 8m wide and is behind the end line of the court.

The Net:

when the net is stretched it is 1m wide and 8.5m long. The beach volleyball net height for women is 2.24m (7.35ft) which is shorter than that of men.

The Antenna:

This is where the net is being tied. It is fixed to the ground without any wires or rope and is about 2.55m in height.

Beach Volleyball Women’s Uniform

In case you are wondering why beach volleyball became so popular at the summer games, it is probably due to the uniform. The uniform for most women that plays beach volleyball at the Olympics is a bikini which is why the female team is more popular. Though to some people, the uniform is offending which is what brought about speculations. This was the reason why FIBV can up with certain guidelines which thankfully did not place restrictions on women. Women are allowed to wear a bikini or one-piece bathing suit, tank tops and short sleeves, shorts, and long pants depending on the weather condition.

Beach Volleyball and Sunglasses

For those that have sensitive eyes, it will be difficult to play beach volleyball under the sun. To avoid eyes damage and protect their eyes from the glare of the sun sunglasses will be needed. Volleyball players can wear sunglasses but they should get the best sunglasses for beach volleyball. This will help them concentrate on the game when moving around. So they don’t have to worry about the glasses falling off due to a bad strap. Some of the best five you can find online are Oakley Turbine, 100% Daze, Under Armour Octane, Smith Tempo, and Oakley Flak 2.0 XL.

In Conclusion

Womens beach volleyball is very popular when compared to that of men and the reason is not far-fetched. Is not that women want to showcase their great figures in a bikini but they are just more comfortable in it. Also, places for sand to hide are very few.

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