Are you planning a trip around the world? The adventure has just started! In the next few weeks and months, many questions will arise, you will read countless travel blogs and yet you will never find a 100% answer. That is why we would like to give you an important tip right at the beginning of your world trip planning: plan less – travel more! What do we mean? We’ll tell you that on the next few pages. We already wish you a lot of fun planning your world travel adventure.

What do you have to plan for your trip around the world?

Countries & routes 

  • Which countries do you really want to see?
  • Which cultures are you interested in?
  • Which route is best for your trip around the world?
  • Would you prefer to fly by plane, go by train or hitchhike?
  • Is a “World Travel Ticket” worthwhile for you? (Around the World Ticket / RTW Ticket)?

Length of your world trip

  • How much time can you take for your trip around the world?
  • How long can, want or want to stay in a particular country?
  • How long will your trip last? Can you make all the countries you want?

Keyword: finance

  • How much money do you have at your disposal?
  • Can you put money aside or do more work beforehand?
  • What does a trip around the world cost?
  • Can you possibly earn something extra on the way?
  • How high can your daily budget on the world tour be?
  • Out of sight, out of mind? What are the running costs at home?
  • Cash or credit card? How do you want to pay on the go?


  • What happens to your job?
  • What happens to your apartment Cancel? Sublet?
  • What happens when you get sick? Does the health insurance company pay abroad?
  • Are you allowed to enter any of your desired countries?

On the way to your trip around the world, you will still have many questions. With our 20 questions about planning your trip around the world, you have already received a rough overview of some of the most important topics. If you then deal intensively with the right route planning in the course of planning your trip, completely different questions will come to the fore. But first of all, it is enough if you calmly deal with our questions about your planned trip around the world.

A few clues for you:

Take time to plan your world trip

The preparation time for the world trip depends on many factors. Depending on how long you want to be on your trip around the world, you can expect a planning time of approx. 6-12 months.

Money Money Money

You will not be able to start your world tour without sufficient financial means. So start saving money for your trip around the world as early as possible. Minimize your fixed costs and work towards your dream.

There it is again: the bureaucracy

Is your passport up to date? What about vaccinations? You should also apply for an international driver’s license. With all the reverie and zeal for planning but you can not avoid the paper war.

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