Yoga balances this flow and provides natural health and beauty. Whereas the postures of yoga provide physical health by making various glands healthy at the physical level, at the same time they also make the mind restrained and joyful. Our ancient princes saw that the operation of this healthy body and mind does have a subtle level of energy located inside us. The reason for this is that Yoga works at the astral pranaic (prana energy) level of energy. Here the energy flow should be balanced and clean. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji advocates yoga and pranayama along with meditation as a means to improve concentration and get connected to your inner self faster.

Your health depends on your physical, mental and pranic condition. Yoga is indeed the flow of life. Some specific seat related to yoga:-


The Padma means ‘lotus’ this posture activates various energy centers located in our body. In Yoga, these energy centers have been seen as lotus flowers. In this posture, the physical condition becomes like a lotus flower, hence it is called ‘Padmasan’.


First of all, sit down on flat ground and sit down. Turn the right foot on the knee after turning from the knee. Similarly, turn left knee and turn on the right leg. Hold between each other on top of each other or hold a specific currency. This is the position of Padmasan. At this time you can focus your vision on a specific object, such as a light, etc. This asana is highly beneficial for the practice of meditation and pranayama.


This asana is very helpful in making the flow of energy upward. The upward flow of energy not only balances the energy level by making us healthy but also makes our spiritual life healthy. The biggest feature of this asana is that by doing this, all the benefits of Vajrasana are also received. The physical condition in Shashankasan becomes like a crescent moon.


First of all, by spreading the gap on the flat ground, you can sit in the front and spread both legs. Turn your right knee to the right and place it under the right ankle. Similarly, folding the left foot and keeping the left heel under the right buttocks. This is the complete position of Vajrasana.


Apply the part of your abdomen to the buttocks, then apply the forehead to the chest and finally gently. This is the perfect condition of Shashankasan. In this situation, keep your breathlessness normal. Tilt the spine upwards and slowly lean towards the front while breathing. Initially, try to stay in power. Then gradually increase the time limit to each posture for three minutes.

Semi-mindful state:-

Normal people cannot easily reach the full position of this easy, but half of it is enough for complete health. It is named after the famous Yogi Maharishi Matsyendra Nath. This posture removes all abdominal diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.


The special effect of this posture is on the health of genitals, urinary, and whole legs. Bhadrasana helps in balancing the flow of energy.


First of all, laying the gap on the flat ground and spreading the legs to the front, sit down. Bend the left leg to kneel and place the left heel on the suture down the urine. Similarly, bend the right foot from the knee and apply the right heel down from the urine to the seamstress. Similarly, both the articles will be shared among themselves. Now hold the legs from the front part with both hands. This is the complete condition of Bhadrasana. Concentrate your vision on the microscopic flow of breath or on a particular symbol.


Always keep in mind; Yoga is an invaluable means of the balance of physical, mental and pranic energy. Every effort you make will lead you to new dimensions of health.

The practice of the asanas is always done in the morning.

It is more beneficial if the time is empty. Well, you can do the practice of the asanas anytime, provided your stomach should be empty. At least four hours of the interval is necessary after the meal. Keep the breathlessness normal while keeping the rugs and keep the concentration of meditation.

The more you practice these asanas carefully, the more you will move towards the betterment of your life. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been a Yoga Guru and instructor too, to thousands of students studying in educational institutions as part of under the aegis of Shah Satnam educational institutions. And more than a century of medals have been bagged by these students at National and international level