The divorce between Albert Pirro and Judge Jeanine Pirro was a notable event that garnered media attention. Albert Pirro, a businessman and former attorney, and Jeanine Pirro, a former District Attorney and television personality, separated amicably in 2007 after years of marriage. Despite having been apart for more than ten years, they officially divorced in 2013.

Albert Pirro faced legal troubles during this time, including a tax case conviction. Notably, in 2021, former President Donald Trump pardoned Albert Pirro. This move sparked controversy and discussion due to the political connections between Trump and Jeanine Pirro.

It’s worth noting that while their divorce and Albert Pirro’s legal issues were notable, they have largely faded from the public eye in recent years.

Albert Pirro’s life

Albert Pirro Obituary is a businessman who has accumulated so much wealth due to his numerous businesses. Albert has more than 30 enterprises scattered across the U.S. In addition, Albert founded a very prestigious legal firm in America.

Educational History

Albert was born in the United States and went to school there, including law school. He holds a psychology degree and a law degree from the same institution. Afterward, he began to pursue a career in law and made a name for himself soon after.

Albert’s extended family

Albert Pirro Obituary is named after his father, but nobody knows his mother’s name. He has a sibling who is also a legal practitioner like him. Albert is very tight-lipped about his early childhood, so not much is known about his childhood.

Albert’s former wife, Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro as she is fondly called, is a politician, media host, author, and was once a prosecutor and judge. She is also the former wife of Albert Pirro Obituary. Jeanine rose to fame when she hosted a Fox television show as a Judge. The show became a hit, but Jeanine left when she got a new role on another show. Similarly, Jeanine features on news channels and contributes her knowledge to the shows.

How did Albert and Jeanine meet?

Jeanine and Albert met while in Law school in Albany. At that time, they were studying for their Juris Doctorate. At the same time, they were trying to get their careers on the rise. This is because they both worked at reputable law firms in New York.

Dating History

Jeanine and Albert were attracted to each other’s intellect and started seeing each other romantically. Friends confirmed that both are very intelligent individuals, so they were not surprised they got together. They took their relationship to the next level and were joined in holy matrimony in 1975. Their marriage was good and the birth of their children further cemented their love.

Jeanine eye condition

Judge Jeanine’s left eye is affected by a medical condition that she hasn’t disclosed. But her fans were quick to observe the disparity in both eyes and what might have caused it. Her refusal to categorically state the cause of the condition has led to many online speculations.

Jeanine’s Careers

Judicial Appointment

History was made when Jeanine Pirro became elected as a judge in New York. It was the first time a lady got elected in the County. Also, it was prestigious when she became the first lady to be elected as the county’s district prosecutor. She concentrated on domestic violence suits and crimes targeted toward aged people while being the district attorney. She became more visible and got more popular.

Political career

Jeanine once ran for a State Senate position in the U.S. in 2006. She later changed her mind about it and accepted to run for the Attorney General position. She was nominated for the post but lost it to Politician Cuomo in the general election. Her stint in politics gave her insights into how politics is run in the United States. Maybe this was what prompted her to write a book about political conspiracies and her views on the Trump administration.

Political Lawsuit

In 2021, Jeanine was embroiled in a legal case involving election fraud. The case was brought to court by Smartmatic. The judge dismissed the case though, and Jeanine was free from the case a year later.

Jeanine and Albert’s marriage

As stated earlier, Jeanine and Albert got married in the 70s, and they were blessed with children. Unfortunately, they divorced later due to Albert’s infidelity.

Albert’s extramarital affairs

Albert Pirro Obituary was dating another woman while still married to Jeanine. The affair lasted for nine months and produced a daughter while keeping Jeanine in the dark. This affair led to Albert’s marriage breaking up because Jeanine later heard about the affair. After learning about her husband’s infidelity, she went to a divorce attorney. The affair became public, and the public was shocked to hear it.

The aftermath of Albert’s infidelity

What was more shocking was the way Albert Pirro and Jessica blatantly showed their love. Those in Florida knew about the double life Albert lived. Therefore, it was not surprising that the wife, Jeanine, and the public soon got wind of it. Suffice it to say, the aftermath of Albert’s affair is losing his wife and full custody of their children. A once beautiful family has split apart and is forced to live in separate homes.

Albert’s relationship with his children

Although Albert and Jeanine’s relationship was never the same again, he still talks to their children. This is understandable given the circumstances of their divorce. It is unclear though if Jeannie’s children have a good relationship with the child Albert had with his mistress.


Lastly, Albert Pirro Obituary is about a man that is successful in society, and so also is his ex-wife Jeanine. Both have made their marks in America’s legal, judicial, and political systems. It is estimated that Albert is worth more than ten million dollars, and he also has numerous assets.