Businesses in present times are choosing app development for themselves. It not only represents them better but also helps them in pitching in the best way possible!

This process about apps has a lot to offer and IoT apps are amongst the impressive examples. Internet of things has made the unimaginable become possible! But, with gadgets in our homes, offices, etc., we don’t realize how non-trivial this entire ball game is.

Whether it is about the smartest of solutions, amazing gadgets, robotic bees, or precision farming – this fantastic tech makes everything come to reality. It is technical and is helping expedite processes efficiently.

IoT is here to stay and evolve for the better!

Let us briefly discuss the Internet of Things

Before delving deeper into the topic in discussion, let us first become crystal clear with the related fundamentals!

Well, for starters, the Internet of Things is a computing concept. It describes a system of inter-related devices that connect and transfer data over the internet to other devices and systems.

IoT is essential because a device/an object that can digitally represent itself becomes more prominent than itself. The object relates to its user, connects with the surrounding objects and database as well. 

Hey! Someone got impressive funding – Let’s know why and how!

Alexa isn’t the only thing internet of things is capable of. Did you know that these tech and related solutions are helping farmers, all kinds of them, and big companies too?! 

Recently, BeeHero raised a whopping $19 million in new funding. This has set an example that this beekeeping venture can scale beyond its initial markets and can also find more use of honeybee hives data!

BeeHero was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, veteran beekeepers, data scientists, and biologists to ensure a win for all – beekeepers, farmers, and nature! This wonderful company empowers beehives with IoT.

This, in turn, makes it possible to keep track of bees’ health and movement – that too, in real-time! Furthermore, since the analysis is data-based and fused with the internet of things, it also helps detect mite infestations earlier.

This results in better and higher crop yields and healthier beehives. The traditional method of keeping a check on hives is not only old but inefficient and slow as well. The new method has proved to be of immense help!

That is the major reason why BeeHero managed to raise such an impressive amount! The $15 million A round comes from ADM Capital, FirstTime, J-Ventures, Rabo Food, and Agri Innovation Fund, UpWest, Entrée Capital, iAngels, Good Company, the Arison Group, and Gaingels. The company has also won $4 million in grants from the European Commission, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the BIRD Foundation.

Why is IoT as a tech highly advantageous?

What is of utmost importance is discussing the advantageous nature of any tech or related solution while praising and supporting it vehemently. 

So, don’t worry, dear readers. The talks about IoT aren’t far-fetched or superficial. This technology is highly impressive and deserves credit for a lot more. The following pointers will make it clear for you. Let’s get to business, then!

Internet of Things is beneficial, intelligent, and of immense help in the following ways:

  1. It is enabling market expansion as steadily businesses everywhere are realizing its importance. According to the Statista website, the annual revenue of media devices and consumer internet is predicted to nearly triple and reach 203.1 billion US dollars from 68.7 billion for 2019 to 2030!
  2. This technology enables efficient automated interactions.
  3. In addition, it finds use in every domain – automation, industries, healthcare, defense, data handling, transportation, telecommunications, power, and energy; these are just a handful belonging to that lot!
  4. This way, devices work for the human species – from taking care of everyday tasks to performing more complex ones – all this is bound to make life easier and ensure a better standard of living!
  5. It is INTELLIGENT; it doesn’t just collect information or data but analyses that to make decisions.
  6. Despite being so advanced ALREADY, it still has a long way to go. However, this fact implies that there won’t be any shortage of opportunities concerning this field.
    It is a win-win for all – researchers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, users, etc.!

Bringing the discussion to a conclusion

Do you plan to switch to new, better, and most updated ways to upscale your business? 

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Do you wish to lead in your domain with the latest techno stuff? 

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