Augmented Reality is not a buzzword or a fascinating technology that is used for the sake of entertainment within games only. But over the year, this very technology has crossed the imagination bucket and has expanded its services extensively to different turfs hassle-free. Industry players are going to take the benefit out of this technology and will pick this tech piece without their business model to mark success and growth in 2021.

The COVID-19 hullabaloo, already left our global economy to collapse but with the advancing technologies, it is going to once again rise and shine to thrive further. Here the role of Augmented Reality will really leave an impressive footprint.

The year 2021 will uptick the advancement at its best, and AR will play its role in this journey. This post has collected a few major reasons how technology shall bring an impressive vision with its functionalities.

Remote assistance during and after the pandemic

The COVID-19 has already brought distress among us, and the workforce was encouraged to pick WFH-work from the home strategy. However, in the coming year, even after the pandemic, it is very likely that the workforce would remain functioning with remote working. Here, collaboration can be expected from the hands of AR technology, letting more realistic and real-time conferences, meetings, and events take place with this very technology. Further, Microsoft is also investing the best of its efforts to create an AR video calling system, where the holographic image of the participant can be seen during the call. 

It is worth mentioning that with the constant updates, AR shall keep bringing better technology within the working mechanism.

Get accurate navigation with AR 

Well, to be honest, the year 2021 is going to witness the best of AR technology, and the best of its version will be experienced with indoor navigation. Google maps so far have been our best assistance to carry out the navigation mechanism, but in the near future, it is very likely that ARKit and ARCore based apps would guide us to find the correct route in malls, hospitals, or any other premises which are large enough. 

Advertise with AR

AR is gradually moving its excellence in different territories, and entertainment and technology are two new fragments of it. The highly popular game Pokémon GO, and had created a stir in the market, and people went berserk. However, it is expected that advertisers shall pick this very technology to promote their product, by placing it in front of the customers virtually anywhere. This will definitely draw consumers’ attention, as it will draw them towards the stores or online links to buy it.

Medley of AI and AR

As we all know that AI and ML are incredibly engaging technologies, and for sure their combination with Augmented Reality will pave a way for many other advancements to be experienced in different industry sectors. The industries it is likely to bring a revolutionary step into, are not so clear at the moment, but certainly, time will tell more about it. So keep your chin up for the best to be experienced in 2021.

AR and mass messaging 

The concept of AR technology has been extremely massive and much beyond imagination, and this was proven further when AR could project images onto the users’ faces.

Yes, you guessed it right, something like you has already experienced in the sci-fi flicks, is going to be possible in reality now. However, in reality, this very technology is going to create a stir in the market, by bringing oodles of ease in front of the users, in some serious business world.

For instance, this very technology can be used in factories, where workers will get the tutorial to use any new machine on their faces and this will help them to carry out hands-free operations. On the other hand, even museums or schools can use it to educate young learners, by giving them an image on their faces, so they can get an immersive learning experience without a fail.

AR is the present and will be the future!

As we all know Augmented Reality has brought a revolutionary transformation to the way we access services around us, and this transformation won’t stop anywhere. It is predicted by the year 2025 AR will grow out to be much beyond the $25B industry.

Well, it speaks of the beautiful future AR holds, and it will further be defined by the advancement yet to be made.