Opening a cafe and want to make sure your menu is stacked with appetizing baked goodies? Or simply want to expand your collection of pastries and provide your customers with a better breakfast experience? Here’s a list of the most popular baked goods to make and sell at your cafe!

Cinnamon Scrolls

A coffee shop classic, you can never go wrong with cinnamon scrolls (or cinnamon rolls as they are more commonly known in the US). A perfect combination of both sweet and savory, cinnamon scrolls are the best sellers when it comes to early wake-up food.

Sweet enough to be complementary with bitter coffee, yet not too savory, cinnamon scrolls are a safe yet scrumptious option to add to your menu. The only downside to cinnamon scrolls is that they can take a while to make – and can also be quite difficult for beginners – but that’s why you should take advantage of frozen dough!

Hot Cross Buns

Taking a page out of the English Book, hot cross buns are an incredibly popular baked good among older folk and can help boost your sales with that demographic. If you’re looking to go the traditional cafe route, hot cross buns are a must to add to your menu.

Spicy yet sweet and usually made with fruit, hot cross buns are made with a bit of everything – making it a much-loved baked good! Fortunately, hot cross buns are quite simple to make (much like regular bread), so if you’re looking for a simple yet delicious baked good to add to your cafe, hot cross buns are the best choice!

Pastry Puffs

Although not as common, pastry puffs are a great baked good to add to your repertoire of a cafe menu  If hot cross buns are for the older individuals, then pastry puffs can definitely be enjoyed by the younger visitors and children!

Usually filled with flavored whipped cream or even ice cream, pastry puffs are a trending baked goodie enjoyed by early morning visitors and dessert ones alike! If your cafe is open during the nighttime, pastry puffs will certainly be a great addition to your menu!


Croissants are an absolute classic when it comes to cafe food. Not only can you have them plain in buttery goodness, but you can also add other condiments like jam and sweet sauces, or even dust some icing sugar here and there. Perfect as both a breakfast meal and an afternoon snack, croissants are an all-around favorite to serve with coffee. They are also relatively simple to make, only requiring an oven and (to save you some time), a standing electric mixer with a dough hook. 

While the beverage options are certainly the star of the show when it comes to your cafe, having a great selection of baked goods on the side can only do you good. If you’re struggling to find a baked good to add to your menu, pick and choose from one of the above in the list! These staples will never fail you and will only increase your customers’ enjoyment!