Many homes could use a bit of extra seating, storage, or both and an Leather ottoman is a great way to achieve both of these missions. You can move them around as needed so you’ll always have a spot for all your guests.

For a bold and modern look, a leather ottoman with a unique design is the perfect way to go.

3 Modern Leather Ottoman Styles

A bit of thoughtful design can take an ottoman from being a basic piece of furniture to being a statement. These choices do just that and allow you to embrace your style.

The Jarmo Ottoman

If you want a multi-functional piece that also looks good, the Jarmo ottoman is for you. It is made from supple, high-quality leather that is soft to the touch and will look great as it ages. The Jarmo also has a wood veneer table that fits around the ottoman. The table has built-in casters so you can slide it to the exact spot you need.

The Herve Ottoman

With the Herve leather ottoman, you get a different type of functionality. This design has a top that lifts to reveal plenty of storage. You’ll have a place to put all of your blankets, extra pillows, and any other items you like to keep handy but out of sight. Unlike some other storage ottomans that can look clunky, the Herve maintains a sleek feel with a curved silhouette, a warm walnut base, and premium leather that comes in a modern olive green color.

The Turin Ottoman

The tufting on the Turin leather ottoman feels a bit traditional but the strong silhouette adds a modern feel. It’s great in an elegant living room and perfect for parties and gatherings since two people can easily sit. The soft leather is inviting and fits in with many other kinds of decor, so can bring the Turin into your existing space.

Where To Place a Leather Ottoman

Ottomans are a natural fit in living rooms and dens, but you aren’t restricted to placing them only in those spots. Other areas in your home could benefit from this versatile piece of furniture.


Place a long ottoman at the foot of your bed as extra decoration or a place to sit. You can also put it near the window in your bedroom to create a seating area.┬áDon’t forget about your closet. Putting an ottoman inside a large walk-in dressing room gives you a place to sit while putting on shoes or a spot to lay out clothes.


An ottoman near the front door creates a spot for people to sit or rest as they gather their belongings when they head out, as well as a place to set things when they come into the home with full hands. A storage ottoman can also house things such as hats, gloves, and coats.

Get a Leather Ottoman That Suits You

Whether you need an extra seat, a footrest, stylish storage, or a non-traditional coffee table option, chances are an ottoman can benefit you.