For the ones that love to trot the globe, accommodation is an important matter. Earlier the tribe of hotels was a ferocious clique that used to rip-off the wallets of the cash. It led many people to say ‘NO’ to booking comfortable accommodation, and, sometimes, travelling. However, times changed for good, and now travelers can find many different types of accommodations.

Home Stays, Apartments, BnBs, Villas, Cottages, Chalets, Holiday Homes, and even Castles! The list of accommodation types available to the travelers these days is impressive. Also, if you wish to spend a night in the middle of a deep forest with nothingness around, it is possible. Wood cabins, dune villas, landscape villas, homes on waterfront and scintillating holiday parks – the options get better!

All of them have allowed people to enjoy travelling and activities in the core areas without having to burn their pockets. Most of these places are available at affordable prices. You can also book them as a group and then split the cost.

You can also share the accommodation with some fellow traveler and save money. Cabins and hostels are also available to offer cheap and comfortable accommodation. Moreover, the internet is teeming with offers and deals such as Fabhotels coupons. You can plan the bookings with them and enjoy savings!

If you also love travelling and generally book hotels, we are giving you eight reasons to take a break. Plan your stay at some unique location and out of the box property. Check them out and tell us whether you will go for it or not!

Location Matters

Most of the hotels are located in crowded areas like city centers and around public transport points. If they are not in the crowd, they are in solitude and reaching them becomes a question. However, home stays and the accommodations mentioned above are located everywhere. Location is never a question with them. Many holiday parks are located right inside the forests or deep Tundra regions with skiing areas nearby. You can also find apartments for rent right in front of the beach or lake. So, the joys of travelling multiply manifold.

Activities Take Priority

When you book hotels, you cannot choose the ones keeping activities in mind. For example, if you are planning to go on a hiking tour, the hotels near hiking trails are either too expensive or too far away from the starting point. However, the BnBs, home stays, cottages, rustic holiday homes, and villas are readily available. If you wish to enjoy a tranquil vacation, you can do so easily by booking properties on private estates. Even if you have to pay rents equal to the hotels, the overall experience becomes outstanding.

Stunning Landscapes

Owing to the nature of the business and approvals, hotels are generally devoid of stunning landscapes. You can find very few that offer views of mountains or lakes or beaches. However, there is no such restriction when it comes to other accommodations. You can book a country cottage with modern décor amidst snow-laden mountains. Opt for some Fab hotels promo codes, and you can enjoy wonderful savings as well.

Sharing is Possible

When you travel as a group, the hotel expenses can really burn the pockets. More than two persons are not allowed in one room. Hence, expenses get out of hand. However, when you book an apartment, all of you can stay there. So, cost-cutting and better experience are guaranteed.

Like-Minded People

Generally, it is tough to find like-minded people in hotels. People stay in their rooms and rarely interact. The home stays make people come closer. This is why it is easier to meet hikers, climbers, bikers, swimming enthusiasts, and divers at the hostels and holiday parks. You can join the group and enjoy your adventures together.


Staying in a hotel might or might not come with privacy; especially with children. Private properties such as chalets, cottages, villas, and private estates have no such issues. You can enjoy the way you want. Also, you can find properties with the tranquil location that are rented to families only.


If you are travelling for the first time, or you are a girl-only group, you have doubts regarding security. The home stays and other such accommodations allow you to stay as a group. Thus, all of you can enjoy a good sleep and rest without worrying about the prying eyes of fellow travelers or someone sneaking up into your rooms.

Better Experiences

The home stays offer better experiences in every sense. They are cheap, near to tourist attractions and hosts can give you the best tips and suggestions. You can explore the authentic culture and food as well.

Happy Travelling!