In this blog, you’ll learn how to make a fillable PDF form, like this example worksheet. Your students, customers, or clients can enter text directly. There’s even an option to add checkboxes and a dropdown menu. And the best part about all this is that you only need two tools and they are completely free to use. So, without further ado, let me show you how to do this.

The very first step you’re going to want to take is to create your actual form or worksheet. And the best tool to use to actually create it and design it is, none other than, Canva. However, UK teachers’ cv writing services do not need a Canva Pro account. Once you’ve signed up, simply head to your homepage and we are going to create our form.

Create A Design

Head over to Create a design and the size that you want is the typical US Letter or A4 document. So, I can simply search for “A4 document” and there it is. From here, it’s a matter of designing your form. If you want something simple, start off from scratch. Otherwise, you can select from one of these templates. If you head over to “Templates” and search for some of these worksheets. If you search for “form”, you’ll see some form templates. You can also use Adobe free cv maker to make a standout curriculum vitae in minutes.


Alternatively, you can also search for “worksheets” which will bring up some relevant worksheet templates. I’ve already designed mine, as you can see, right here. There’s also this template that I found when I searched for “worksheet” This is the one that I selected. So you could very well start from one of these templates or start from scratch. In my case, all I did was, I entered the questions or the prompts. These shaded areas that you see, you don’t necessarily need to add because using the next tool will be adding things like that.

Created Your Working Sheets

Once you’ve created your form or worksheet, head over to “Share” and then we are going to click on “Download”. From here, you wanna select “PDF Standard”. Select the pages that you wanna save. I’ll just like the first page. Click “Done” and click on “Download”. Once you’ve downloaded your file for Pdf Form, head over to a website called “DocFly”, and this is the magic tool that will turn your PDF file for pdf form into a fillable PDF file.

Drag And Drop Your File

You do not need to sign up, all you need to do is simply drag and drop your file for Pdf Form. So, here’s mine. I’m going to drag and drop it right here. Once uploaded, you’ll see your PDF file for pdf form right away, like so. We are in the “Editor” mode. So what you’re going to wanna do is go to the “Form Creator” mode. This is where you can start adding those fillable fields. A little side note, your Pdf Form will stay on DocFly’s server for 24 hours.

Upgrade And Export Forms

If you do wanna upgrade and export more than three forms, then you are going to want to upgrade. But let’s now go ahead and add our fields. The first type of field is a text field. So this is where you can add one line of text. Or, if there’s more than one line, then you wanna select “Paragraph Field”. So based on this first prompt, “Colours”, a text field is all we need you simply click it and you’ll see this purple area.

How Wide You Want

Don’t worry about adjusting it because now you can do it. You can see, you can adjust how large, how wide you want it. Even how high you want it, too. So you can make it like so, but that’s a bit too much. So let’s resize it around there. To check to see how it looks, you can simply type anything you want. And that’s how it’s going to look. You can also change the actual text colour right here. Let’s say when someone inputs some texts it’ll end up being black or blue.

Background Colour Of The Field

You can change it and adjust it right there. There’s also an option to change the background colour of the field. By looking to the right, you’ll see “Background Colour”. Click that once. And let’s say we want a yellow colour. And that’s how it’s going to look once they start inputting some texts. Another example I wanna show you is adding checkboxes.

Checkbox Field

If you look at the top, you’ll see “Checkbox Field”. Click that once and click where you want that check box to go, roughly, because you can always move it anyway. And, if I click once, you’ll see the check mark right there. Again, you can change the colour of the check mark by going here. Now it’s red and even changing the actual symbol. So if you do not want a check mark, you can select “Cross” or “Square”, whichever you want. You can enter some text in DocFly.

Canva Designing Your Form

However, I recommend doing it when you’re in Canva designing your form or worksheet. But, let’s say you forgot to add something. You can simply head over to “Text” and we are going to click “Okay”, and start adding some text. So let’s say, right here we’ll put in “Casual” for the first option and we can move it as well. And that’s how you do it. Simply rinse and repeat however many boxes you want. And that there is the checkbox field.

Dropdown Field

Let’s move on to another example, the “Dropdown Field”. Again, simply click on “Dropdown Field”, and click where you want it. And this time on the right you’ll need to add some choices. I’ll add a few here. All right, I’ve added some options, as you can see. What you can also do is sort the choices, and allow custom choice as well. So in the dropdown, you can see the choices that we’ve added.

Start Typing The Option

Otherwise, the person filling in the form can start typing the option. So this is an example. So go ahead and add your fillable fields. And once you’re done, we are going to click on “Save”. And only after you’ve clicked on “Save”, you’ll see the “Export” option. So from here, we can click on “Export”. You wanna click on “Download”. And once downloaded, you’ve got your fillable version. You can then send that, or share it, with your students, customers, or clients. And again, here’s one I prepared earlier where we can start typing and entering the fields. Or select from one of these options, right here. And as simple as that, you, too, can quickly and easily create a fillable PDF form.