We live in a digitized world, and the traditional way of marketing is now at the back end when it comes to the world of entertainment and film industry says Madhu Mantena. You have a story that deserves to be told and you want it visible to the right people. Digital marketing has proven over and over again to be the most effective tool for targeting the right demographics, build and maintain a good relationship and getting them glued to your films or music. From posting a teaser on Instagram to live streaming the trailer launches to a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes to social media contests to paid ads on YouTube, the usage is countless. Digital marketing is truly a game-changer in the film industry and one that is here to stay.

Read on as Madhu Mantena, a successful film producer, and media entrepreneur walks you through the importance of digital marketing in the film industry.

1. YouTube becomes the World Best Film Platform

YouTube no doubt is one of the biggest platforms revolutionizing the film industry. Madhu Mantena says YouTube do not only does it boast billions of viewers, individuals and big entertainment brands are also leveraging YouTube for entertainment. Not only that, the huge impact of YouTube in the world at large is remarkable. Now it goes beyond uploading spontaneous videos to creating content that will benefit viewers which brought about job opportunities and generation of huge income on this ultra-modern platform.

YouTube has also transformed the advertising model for the media and entertainment sector and running a YouTube campaign is one of the effective ways to promote your movie to the right audience. From trailers to interviews of the major casts, YouTube has proven to be an effective tool for creating a buzz around your movie. YouTube has given voice to anyone with a story to tell, letting new generations of filmmakers create engaging content and connect with audiences across the globe.

2. Social Media Platforms bring Film Makers to the Right People

Apart from YouTube, other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat contribute a great impact on the film industry.  Social media campaigns allow you to connect with the right audience and create excitement around the movie. This is not only limited to digital marketers. “Today, we see every celebrity, movie producer, directors, actors, and actresses actively involved in social media and connecting with their audience. We see fans following their favorite celebrity on social media, celebrities speaking their minds without mixing words, live streaming videos that take the audience on what goes on behind-the-scenes of film making, success stories, giving out discounted tickets to their movie events, involving in fun activities, and many more, Madhu Mantena says.  “This way you can grow your fan base and capture their interest all through the movie production and the release”, he adds.

3. Impact of Digital Marketing Strategies in the Film Industry

We live in a world where marketing has become smarter and you can easily connect with the right audience through social media, browsing patterns, online purchase history, and preference which are analyzed to bring the right movie to the right people. Today, if you only want to market your movies to particular demographics, with intelligent analytics, it is not impossible. This is why you might want to make use of other digital marketing strategies such as Social Media Management (SMM), SEO, paid ads, and website landing pages. After all, going after the right audience is what makes a difference between a “hit” and a “flop” in movie promotion.