Promoting a show or a live concert effectively needs a combination of persistence and promotional maneuverings. Also, it is necessary to have fans to promote it. At first, your fans will be your friends and family. So when you are getting started, you need to know to promote these peoples first. Also, promotion depends upon the size of the venue, the city of the gig, and the reach of your band.

So now, without wasting time, with an expert – Dwayne Cross, let’s find out the best ways to promote a live concert.

Strategic Scheduling

Start Scheduling For Your Live Concert

Strategic Scheduling is one of the fundamental concerns that you must approach because all of your promotional ventures depends upon it. Find out whether there is any competing event in the area where you have your live concert. Executing such will let you know about the status of the competition. And if you find that the competition is robust and the band performing on the same night is more famous than yours, then it’s better you don’t schedule your event on the same night.


According to Dwayne Cross – Marketing plays a preeminent role in every aspect. So the second step that you may focus on is marketing. Try to set up teams that can promote your event by advertising the posters of your event in various towns as well as cities. Also, one can set up online marketing through social media. Social media marketing includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, making a self video for promotion can be an attractive thing. Advertising through various local radio stations and TV channels can be beneficial too.

Press Releases

press release

For successful promotion, media, and the press plays an important role. So you can send out the press releases of the date of the concert with the event poster to the local media in advance. There are many cities where peoples often read newspapers to search for entertainment events. So you better ask your local newspaper channels as well as magazines to advertise the detail of your event because it is the best way for the promotion of an event.

Monitor, Evaluate and Adapt

This is apparently the most significant factor in making your live concert promotion a success. If attainable, associate the job you have been doing to ticket sales, so that you can readily see what’s working, and what isn’t. If advertisements in individual sections are active, that’s meriting. If movement on a Facebook event page is receiving lots of attention, put more energy into that. The point about connecting it to ticket sales through the promotional time is that you are able to adapt, evaluate and monitor. Lastly, it is essential to work with the persons who are trustworthy and if you find such, stick to them.

So these were some of the best ways to promote a live concert explored by an expert –  Dwayne Cross. By implementing these steps in the real-life one can definitely create a perfect promotional asset. For additional questions, one can leave a comment below in the comment box. We assure you, we will definitely answer your question.