Education is the road to success, and it is a guarantee for the nation’s prosperity. Education is a basic need, provides basic knowledge about the necessities that enhance the living standard and general consciousness of the societies. It helps the nations to build a solid social, economic and political status. But according to the research proposal topics in Pakistan, the country the vital role of education is neglected and treated as a stepson. Consequently, it has given rise to certain challenges.

Absence of Uniformity in the Educational System of Pakistan

In, Pakistan there are various systems of education working in the country following their certain self-made principles. Following different directions, there have been developed certain schools of thought that create a social difference. The attitudes of private institutes, Public institutes, and Deeni Madaris are different due to their nourishment in different schools of thought. This difference creates walls among the people and causes to divide in the nation. Overall, it destroys the generation and pushes to break the country into different parts with severe hostility.

Expired Curriculum and Syllabus

The curriculum is a set of goals that education has to achieve. Pakistani Educational institutes are following old curricula that do not meet the international standard of education that includes online education in which thesis writing services, research thesis writing, and proposal writing are mainly highlighted. All provinces of Pakistan teach different syllabus, which creates many differences among the Pakistanis, based on the language and other cultural differences. Considering science and technological perspectives, as per the research proposal on education, the country is far behind in technology and science that has created a massive loss for the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan needs to revise its curriculum to the position where it should be.

Incompetent Assessment System

Assessment is necessary to measure the level of understanding of students and their capabilities according to their course. But in Pakistan, the assessments are too strange if compared to the world’s assessment system. Because the Pakistani educational institutes measure the ability of students to memories the syllabus, such a system creates hurdles in the growth of students’ skills and their interest in advanced learning. Assessment measures the students’ performance and their understanding of the knowledge. For instance, if a student is asked to write a proposal writing such as an on the topic of research proposal on cpec, the students will be judged based on presentation and not the knowledge or facts they have provided or mentioned in the research thesis writing. The students focus on cramming instead of understanding their course. Consequently, this assessment system affects the industry.

Lack of professionalism in Teachers

It is very easy to get a job teaching in a private college or school with some references in Pakistan. Similar is the situation in government institutes due to corruption. With or without the required capabilities, people are teaching in the institutes. In universities and colleges, students are not judges based on their given work such as research thesis writing or any other coursework project, in Pakistan, the students seek help from others due to the fear of disapproval or failure. Moreover, those candidates recruited on merit are not given proper training at the time of need. This situation leads to the destruction of quality education. Furthermore, trainers are not trained enough to train the teachers.

Government Neglecting Education

Pakistani governments have neglected education and never formulated the policies regarding the need of the time. Even governments neglect education in the budget that leads to inefficient machinery and fruitless progress. The laboratories and libraries of the educational institutes are never updated. The apparatus present in the labs are outdated, and even the educational ministers are not well educated.


In a nutshell educational system of Pakistan is suffering severely through these significant and other minor challenges. These challenges are affecting quality education and weakening Pakistan in social, economic, and political domains. Pakistan needs to focus on education to eradicate the obstacles to get a stronger position in the world in all aspects.