When do you think of the clothing industry how many brands are there that you think are the caretakers of our mother nature? Almost none! It is because we are all unaware of these brands or there is less information about them. We cannot blame other big industries or vehicles for creating pollution. The fact that we all live in denial is that many of the industries including the clothing industries are responsible for the pollution and the harm that we cause to nature. Another harsh reality is that the clothing industry does not only pollutes the atmosphere but it also hurts the creatures of nature. The leather industry harms the snake and the laborers are being haunted to death because of the pollution. 

The five main reasons that should be considered as an alarm to the clothing industry are following:-

  1. Water problem- The water used for drinking or other purposes of cleaning lessens the amount of water available in the world. Although 70% of the earth is covered in water that does not make it less of a fact that it is not drinkable water. 
  2. Hazardous chemicals- The chemicals have the capacity to take away the lives of many laborers and workers but this is not a matter of concern for the rest of the citizens. This further adds to the points that the clothing industry has to make serious changes in its production and manufacturing. 
  3. Trends wash away- The so-called trends of clothing that have become an integral part of our lifestyles pose a major problem to sustainable living. The whole point of saving the planet Earth is to live a sustainable life which means reuse. 
  4. Lesser waste- Waste is not getting recycled or reused. These clothing industries do not promote a lifestyle where people should be free to repeat their clothes any time they want. Waste has to be reused or recycled to avoid facing any further consequences that nature throws at us. 
  5. The soil is affected- How do you think we get the cotton that is used in our clothes? Obviously! When they are produced, a lot of pesticides or insecticides are used to double the production of cotton. This further causes major problems for the fertility of the soil. Brands have to consider going organic when they think of increasing their production. 

Boden – Bringing revolution in the clothing industry

The brand is a London, United Kingdom-based company that follows eco-friendly practices in the production and manufacturing of its products. They use sustainable cotton and fibers, a transparent supply chain, and eco-friendly packaging which makes them one of the unique clothing brands of the world. They sell adult and children’s apparel, swimwear, loungewear, and sleepwear. And being one of the famous clothing brands it becomes even more important for the brand to take care of its customers and to be aware people about the impact of clothing in nature. 

Organic Basics – Bringing eco-friendly fashion into the trend

The first thing that they have mentioned on their website is that they are only partnering with brands that care for mother nature and none other than that. They mentioned that they always prioritize sustainable living over anything. The impact of the clothing industry is immense on nature and hence it is the responsibility of citizens to take care of what they wear. The website is based in Aarhus, Denmark. When they say they promote sustainable living, they do not mean that it is nice to practice instead they mean it since we are left with no other options. They provide worldwide cashback offers on the promo codes available on the website. They practice eco-friendly habits to an extent that they have organic cotton and recycled fabrics with 100% eco-certified production of all the products. The energy source that they use, they all use solar and wind energy to operate. 

Vetta – Practice Eco-friendly living

The brand originated in Los Angeles, California City. The eco-friendly practices that they promote are the sustainable fabrics used, factories make sure that they create the minimum amount of pollution, they use solar-powered factories but partially, and the packaging is recycled. So now the question is what they produce? They produce women’s apparel, capsule wardrobes, loungewear, and workwear for women majorly. Vetta can do two things for you- Update your wardrobe with a wide range of eco-friendly clothing and they also complete your need for accessories. Both being trendy and classy at the same time. If you know what it means to look chic in any dress you would definitely love to recommend Vetta further. The trendy wrap dresses to the skirts with the above-knee length are all made from organic cotton. Who thought practicing eco-friendly living would be fashionable?