My Experience of Shopping Online at Indian Grocery Store in Berlin

Written by Surbhi Agarwal | April 29, 2021

Indian Grocery Store in Berlin

Berlin is a beautiful city but staying in the city as an ex-pat proves to be a tough task. Indian grocery stores in Berlin are not much, and finding them to get your supplies for the daily needs is next to impossible. For this very reason, out of all the available options, Shopping online for the Indian grocery has become a trend. Dookan, an online Indian grocery store in Berlin, is a boon for all the Indians living there. 

Dookan is a favorite amongst the Indians living in Berlin for obvious reasons. Convenience tops the list. Next comes the fact that the store offers an amazing variety of Indian food items that any other store does not offer. 

The benefits and perks received from shopping from supersede any and every benefit available from shopping with any other online or offline store. Read through to find out why the best online Indian grocery store in Berlin to buy my favorite items that became my favorite and is one of the reasons I stay carefree here in Berlin.

Dookan: The Solution To Everyday Problems

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My Reasons For Choosing Dookan

When I first came here, the home that I now live in used to give me chills. This was because of zero familiarity with everything. From food to the weather, everything was new. Then came Dookan into the picture, which provided everything relatable from products to groceries; Dookan gave everything at affordable prices. I could always buy my favorite products at my convenience and as many times as I want without the fear of overspending on my budget. 

The familiar brands, along with my favorite cuppa in the morning when I woke up, made me feel at ease and allowed me to live over here comfortably. Be it tea, coffee, or other beverages, my favorite brands are here, and I can order them at a single click sitting on my couch. Full meals are also affordable thanks to the Indian grocery store in Berlin which allowed me to have Indian grains and cereals for the meals. I can now buy my monthly ration from Dookan just the way I used to at home back in India. 

Benefits I Received

There are many benefits that I received when I shopped from Dookan. Savings and budget shopping in Berlin, Germany top the list. Convenient delivery and discounts and rebates, and the offers that they roll out from time to time help save a great deal.

The Indian grocery store in Berlin offers free shipping without any minimum order limit so that we have ease of shopping. Customer is truly the king here. They allow you to have the ease of not stocking up on the items by giving you no minimum order limit. 

Favorite brands and favorite products were a big plus with this one as I just couldn’t fathom my day starting without my favorite cuppa, which used to be my best time of the day. The feeling was lost here until I found Dookan. 

Was My Experience Pocket Friendly?

Absolutely. The rebates, discounts, offers to add up to a significant amount at the end of the month and allows me to save even. I usually make my list and add a budget to it to make up for every need and wants that I have. 

Dookan allowed me to have everything at my own pace, at my budget, as many times as I want. This gave me peace of mind regarding the products and cereals, too, as they will not rot if kept at a particular place for long. 

The app-exclusive offers allow me to save even more so that I can always go for the items that I absolutely love while saving a few bucks on the way too.

Trust me, as an Indian, your comfort adds up with food and products that you use daily.

They even have seasonal fruits such as Mango.

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Wrapping Up

Dookan is a wonderful place to shop online. This not only gives you the power to buy things at your own pace but also gives you the freedom to save while you add items to the cart. The familiar brands and variety of familiar items always make it easy to go for your favorite choice, which incites nostalgia at times. 

They also deliver in the late evenings, which make them my favorite as sometimes if I am not around to take delivery, then either the delivery guys take it back, or when they try to deliver again, it’s usually very late till which time the groceries become stale, but with Dookan, no such fear prevails.

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