Direct Mail: Changing the Face of Election and Political Campaigns

Written by Martin Shirley | November 23, 2020

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Electoral and political campaigns underwent a major evolution. What initially comprised of rallies, shaking hands, knocking on doors, kissing babies, delivering speeches at rotary clubs now involved direct mails for elections. Additionally, direct mail election campaigns across Maryland and other US regions gave a personalized touch.

As a professional agency providing direct mail services, we, at Precision Solutions, researched and found the following observations:

  • In the digital age of emails, instant messages, and chats, 43% of people find direct mail a lot less annoying. USPS (United States postal services) confirmed in its 2018 study that people enjoy receiving a postcard, an attractive catalog, or a personal thank-you note.
  • Another USPS study revealed that 77% of people sort through their direct mails immediately.
  • A direct marketing association (DMA) report states that 56% of Americans enjoy receiving mails. Even millennials and generation Y love getting physical mails.
  • Another DMA report reveals that direct mails have better ROI with a median of 29%. This leads us to depict that direct mails have a better customer response with at least 60% of recipients taking action after reading a mail.

These statistics stand as evidence regarding the credibility and effectiveness of direct mails for election campaigns across various demographic segments. Political campaigns are costly and usually have huge campaigning budgets. Direct mail is inexpensive and impactful to get voters on board. The best campaigns usually aim at a limited audience with the highest probability of the vote to be cast in its favor. Rather than carrying a direct mail marketing campaign right before the election contest, contestants need to build a plan targeting a campaign on time. Direct mailing is a form of neuromarketing. Repetitive mails pay off as voters see a candidate’s name and election message multiple times.

Usually, contestants trying to reach voters are diverse and spread across a geographic region widely. Political parties can target their voters through the following ways:

  • geographic targeting
  • demographic targeting (including categories of women, floating voters, millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers)

A thorough analysis of voters leads to better designing of a campaign with well-designed templates, suitable colors, and font while addressing their needs skillfully across the mailers. This, however, requires a level of professionalism and expertise.


You might not watch the news or respond to every email daily. But, there is a probability that you might be emptying your mailbox every day. This article was an attempt to present factual evidence of the benefits of direct mail campaigns for elections. If you would like to gain some professional insight for your direct mail campaign then feel free to reach out to us at 443-870-3079 or drop a line at

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