2020 was the year of the global pandemic, which highly affected the functioning of numerous sectors or industries. Businesses temporarily shut down due to the refrained outdoor movement; thus, began the transformation of shifting from traditional to the digital mechanism. Transactions started happening online; therefore, people began sending and receiving money via apps or other online tools. 

While many businesses faced challenges of keeping up with the new trend, Fintech emerged as the light at the end of the tunnel. Fintech is short for Financial Technology that enables people to exchange finances without exchanging cash or physical goods. 

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About FinTech 

The journey of the finance industry to enhance the delivery of financial products has been phenomenal. FinTech is a combination of finance and technology that has now overcome traditional banking methods. Therefore, it is one primary reason behind the impact and transformation in everyday life. 

How is Fintech impacting everyday life? Keep reading to know! 

1. Easier Banking Solutions 

Long gone are the days when people used to save all the bank-related activities for a day and visit the institution to top off the same. 

Do you remember those days standing in long queues to get your work done?

FinTech now offers concluding finance-related activities at the comfort of one’s home, which is why most users opt for the same. 

From online payments to availing loans are now just a FEW CLICKS AWAY! 

2. Blockchain and Crypto

Nobody’s unfamiliar with the fact that cryptocurrency will be the future and the core tech used to keep the transactions secure is Blockchain

To make it easier for you to understand, cryptocurrency is the digital money that makes the exchange of wealth much easier and convenient. 

3. Budget-Friendly Investment Advisors 

Talking about the old times, only high net worth individuals and businesses could afford the investment advisory services, the reason being the high-fee structure. 

However, the growth in the FinTech industry has made the functionality much more accessible. Robo-advisors have been incorporated by the businesses to carry out the advising activity. 

As mentioned above, FinTech has a significant role to play in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

How do the three technologies work together?

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FinTech Trends Impacting Crypto and Blockchain 

1. Automation via Robotic Process 

Automation via robotic process is a mechanism that automates the functionality using robots, eliminating human interference. Therefore, many financial institutions have started adopting the trend to accelerate the process, cutting down unnecessary expenses. 

Additionally, the automation process is also adopted to computerize back-end office processes, including maintenance, security checks, and much more. 

2. Digital-Only Banks 

Digital-only banks are the ones that offer digital services, including finance transfer, access to MasterCard with free transaction costs, etc.

Undoubtedly, digital banks have gained tremendous popularity, and the credit goes to their customers. Evidently, users opt for these services due to the elimination of paperwork, waiting time, bank visits, etc. 

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with banking activities is highly emphasized due to its efficient management of frauds and cyber-crimes. AI and ML algorithms can monitor all bank-related activities with high accuracy to provide security to its customers. 

4. Speeding Up of Financial Inclusion 

Due to the arrival and rise of FinTech technology, the number of investment and savings apps has also increased in the market. Furthermore, due to the apps that offer great convenience to the users, FinTech is benefitting exceptionally. 

5. Biometric Security Systems 

Unquestionably, banking is now at our fingertips! However, the fact is not hidden that the mechanism needs high-level security. Therefore, the biometric system has come to light as a reliable and easy safety measure. 

It highly secures and protects the data, precisely being the reason for adopting the same by banking institutions. 

In a Nutshell 

FinTech technology will likely provide improved transparency, quicker transaction processing, boosted client assistance, and enhanced reachability to financial data. 

The fact is not hidden that the FinTech industry is rapidly growing and is on the rise, providing a better way to carry out transactions. Therefore, the demand will keep growing in the near future. 

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