The birthday of a 5 years old is simply a great time to celebrate. As the baby girl crosses her first milestone birthday, she steps towards her growth for a lovely life ahead. All the pretty lovely girl children are innocent like flowers. Thus their birthday gift needs to be very special for their 5 year’s birthday celebration. So are you thinking of what to give a five years old girl for her birthday party?  The gifts need to be something very special that she will cherish in her memory for her whole life. Adding a lovely flower to these gifts can steal the charm among many other gifts, which will make it more special. Here are some of the best flower and gift combos that you can pick for a 5 years old kid:

A bunch of orange roses with lovely chocolate:

A baby will simply melt over chocolate. The love for chocolate of a baby is simply incomparable to anything else. Hence the baby will simply love to have this gift. At the same time, a kid of that age has more love for the flowers as the colorful blooms attract them more and more. Moreover, the lovely orange color of the rose petal signifies energy, warmth, and enthusiasm, which is filled within the spirit of a kid. Hence wishing her a bund of orange roses and chocolates will easily melt her heart for you. So, be ready to receive some more love from the baby after you deliver her this lovely combo.

Lovely peonies flower with a pretty cake:

The birthday of a baby girl is simply incomplete without a lovely cake. But gifting her only a cake is not at all going to be that significant. No matter if you are looking for flower delivery in Delhi, add a bunch of lovely peonies right away from MyFloralKart. The fluffy pinkish blooms of the peonies are simply great ones to pick as it comes with a lovely light tone. Baby girls especially love the pink color over anything. This lovely pink color can melt her heart. At the same time, the pink peonies signify affection and love, which will be the best way to wish her the happiest birthday and happier life ahead. At the same time, the lovely customized cake designed with her favorite cartoon character or her name written on it or her photo printed on it is simply the best way to excite her on her special day.

Pretty daisies with a nice dollhouse:

The lovely white daisies signify innocence, purity, and modesty. To complement the pure and innocent mind of a child, nothing can be more ideal than a bunch of lovely daisies. Hence a bunch of daisies is the best pick for those baby girls who are calm, curious, jovial, and obedient. At the same time, picking a lovely colorful dollhouse for her will simply put a wide smile on her lips. A dollhouse is simply a dream of most of the girl kids who love to play with dolls all day. Pairing the pretty daisies with it will amplify her happiness which is worth a sight to enjoy.

Charming lilies with soft toys:

The lilies are simply the best flower to pick to complement the joyful, playful, and lovely smile of a kid. A bunch of pretty lilies can simply melt the heart of a girl toddler with its smiling petals and lovely color. At the same time, the mushy cushiony soft toys are the best friend of any of the kids. To add to their large toy collection, soft toys are a great pick for them. So while you are picking some soft toys to give to a 5 years old baby girl, don’t forget to pair them with a bunch of lovely lilies. The lilies will make her happiness double as she receives it.

Bright Iris with a nice dress:

Girl children love to have new dresses on their birthdays. A lovely, stylish, and cute dress for her birthday will be the best gift to pick on her special day. At the same time, do not forget to add a loving bunch of flowers with it. Bright blue irises are going to be the best one for you to pick for flower delivery in Gurgaon. The lovely color of the irises can put on an instant smile on the face of the baby. At the same time, the pretty dress is going to be her favorite one when you pair it with a bunch of irises.


So, are you thinking of buying some lovely flowers as gifts for the birthday of a five years old charmer? Then, opt for the best flower delivery from MyFloralKart to get lovely flowers delivered right to your doorstep.