Herbert Walter Dahmer is famous for being the father of Lionel Dahmer, author of “A Father’s Story,” and grandfather of Jeffery Dahmer, known as Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. Although we don’t have much information about Herbert Walter Dahmer, we will bring you all the information available.

Birth & Background

Herbert Walter Dahmer was born in Crawford, Wisconsin, on August 21, 1903. He lived in different places throughout his life, including West Allis and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and various parts of the United States from 1940 to 1971. He died on May 24, 1971, at 67, in Milwaukee and was buried at Highland Memorial Park in New Berlin.

Herbert Walter Dahmer: Marriage and Children

In 1933, Herbert Dahmer married Catherine, but we don’t have anything about her wedding. They had a son named Lionel. Herbert was also a grandfather to two boys, Jeffrey and David.

Sadly, Catherine died on December 25, 1992, at 88, and was buried in Highland Memorial Park. It’s important to know that her death had nothing to do with her grandson Jeffrey’s crimes.

Lionel Dahmer: Son of Herbert Walter Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer is the son of Herbert Dahmer. He was born on July 29, 1936, in West Allis, Wisconsin, and lived a quiet life. He worked as a chemist and later got a master’s degree and Ph.D. He married Joyce Flint, and they had two sons, Jeffrey (born in 1960) and David (born in 1966).

While Lionel focused on his studies, he wasn’t around much for Jeffrey when he was growing up. But he tried to build a bond with his firstborn. They had a strange hobby of bleaching animal bones from dead rodents they found under their house. Lionel saw it as a curious science experiment, but it left a lasting impact on Jeffrey.

Lionel and Joyce had no idea that Jeffrey spent his days collecting dead animals when he was between 12 and 14 years old. To them, he just appeared as a shy kid. Lionel Dahmer explained in a 1994 interview with Oprah Winfrey that the only signs he saw were shyness and a reluctance to socialize.

However, Lionel and Joyce faced problems in their relationship. They had a bitter divorce in 1978, filled with accusations of mistreatment. The neighbors even called the police to their house frequently.

Sadly, a month before their divorce was finalized, Jeffrey Dahmer took the life of his first victim, Steven Hicks, at their family home in Bath Township, Ohio. It was a shocking event that would start a terrifying series of crimes, but Lionel and Joyce had no clue what their son was capable of.

Lionel Dahmer is now married to Shari, and they live together in Seville, Ohio.

Jeffrey Dahmer: The Grandson of Herbert Walter Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid

Jeffrey Dahmer, a well-known American murderer, killed seventeen men and boys from 1978 to 1991.

Originally from Milwaukee, Dahmer’s life took a different path when he moved with his parents to Doylestown, Ohio – a quiet suburb near Akron – at the age of six. Soon after, his younger brother David was born.

There are different stories about life in the Dahmer household, but one thing is clear – Jeffrey’s childhood was difficult. His mom struggled with depression, and his dad focused a lot on work, which caused the family to move often to the Akron area.

The Capture of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was caught on July 22, 1991, when one of his potential victims managed to escape and asked nearby police for help. The police quickly responded and went to Dahmer’s house in Milwaukee. They were shocked to find body parts and disturbing pictures of victims everywhere.

During the next two weeks, Dahmer admitted to all seventeen murders he had committed. Sixteen happened in Milwaukee, while one occurred in Ohio (Hicks). In 1992, he was found guilty of sixteen counts of murder and received multiple life sentences.

Interestingly, Dahmer wasn’t charged for his first murder in Milwaukee because he claimed no memory of it. The prosecutors couldn’t gather enough evidence to prove his involvement beyond a reasonable doubt.

‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Series’ on Netflix

The Netflix series called “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Series” has brought attention back to the disturbing life of the infamous serial killer and his 17 victims, as well as his brother David Dahmer (who changed his name) and his father, Lionel Dahmer.

This series was released in 2022 and stars Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer. You might recognize Peters from his roles in the popular show “American Horror Story” or from appearing in movies like the X-Men series and One Tree Hill. Alongside him, Richard Jenkins and Molly Ringwald join the cast and portray Dahmer’s father and stepmom, adding depth to the story.

Bottom Line

Herbert Walter Dahmer played an essential role as the father of Lionel Dahmer and grandfather of Jeffrey Dahmer, but unfortunately, there is limited information available about his life. The Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Series” seeks to shed light on the life and crimes of the infamous serial killer and explore the impact on his family, including his father, Lionel Dahmer.