CBSE School

One of the biggest challenges that have been introduced in the parenting world is the wide plethora of options available in education. As a parent, you are entrusted with finding a board that helps your child become a mindful and responsible citizen.

The problem that surfaces in every parent’s mind are which board is efficient in starting the child’s academic journey. Though many boards provide quality education, the child’s interest should also lean towards it. Selecting the right board helps the child to be future-ready. Selecting the right board will also nurture their young minds, and it will promote their growth.

They widely accepted the CBSE board for its relevance, education, and ability to teach complex concepts in an ‘easy-to-understand way.

The blog post will let you comprehend the benefits of the CBSE board and why you should select Indian CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi.

CBSE is a primary education board known as the Central Board of Secondary Education. The board facilitates a comprehensive curriculum that prepares the child for competitive exams. This curriculum is widely accepted because it is hard to ignore the benefits of the same.

Why a CBSE Board Education is a Must-Have for a Modern Student in Abu Dhabi Indian School?

1. Comprehensive Syllabus of Indian CBSE Schools

The syllabus of Indian CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi is pre-defined and lightly delivers the subject matter. The difference between CBSE and other boards is it primarily aims to develop the knowledge of the child holistically. The curriculum achieves it by giving assignments and projects to the child. The focal point of these schools is to make the child master in Science and Maths. It is because of this fact that the CBSE board has gained more prominence in today’s world.

2. The Indian CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi give you an edge over other boards

CBSE schools follow student-appropriate learning methods compared to the state board. The course structure is intended to deliver the lessons intuitively and fascinatingly. They have imposed nothing on the children. Every chapter has fun exercises to make the children master the concepts in a vivacious manner. Hence, students easily grasp the concepts.

3. Almost All Colleges Value Indian CBSE Schools

CBSE board is known as an outstanding board and is widely accepted by different colleges and universities. Compared to other boards, the CBSE board is widely acknowledged.

4. You can Easily Find a Good Abu Dhabi Indian School with a CBSE curriculum

Today, parents are hunting for schools that transition easily when they land abroad. The convenient admission process to an Abu Dhabi Indian School provides them an unmatched experience in getting the child admitted to a good Indian school in Abu Dhabi. You can easily find many schools in the country and abroad. So, the process of relocation becomes easy for the parents.

5. Value-instilled Education Offered by Indian CBSE Schools

The CBSE board ingrains the value-based education among the kids. They designed the curriculum methodology in a manner that helps children to learn different concepts easily. The students learn fundamental concepts and other critical concepts based on their general surroundings. They conduct regular assessments to understand and comprehend the student’s level of understanding. The board and course content idea is to let the children understand the rationale behind the concepts.

6. Interactive Way of Learning

An Abu Dhabi Indian School with a CBSE pattern offers an interactive way of learning, and the course content is student-centric. In this way, the student does not come under pressure as they included various activities between the chapters to make the concepts easy to follow. Moreover, the focus of such schools is to test the step-by-step understanding of the concept.

7. It Aids in their Mental and Physical Growth

Another benefit that is worthwhile to mention is that the CBSE school board makes the child more agile by developing their mental and physical abilities. It helps the children to participate in different competitions and helps them to evaluate interests in other fields too.

8. Wide Assortment of Options to Select From

CBSE syllabus offers you options with different subjects so that you can follow your interest. The students can select from different options. It means the students can follow their interests with no hindrance, and it indirectly builds up confidence levels and elevates creative thinking among them.


If your aim is to develop your child holistically, CBSE board education is the best. The pedagogy and curriculum aim to furnish the interests of the students, and it helps the children to learn intellectually and in a thought-provoking fashion. The board does not limit the child within the perimeter; it exposes the world to them.

Global Indian School in Abu Dhabi follows the CBSE curriculum for education. They motivate the children from different perspectives and let them pursue their interests with confidence. Your child learns from a truly global perspective when he or she studies at such a prestigious Indian CBSE school in Abu Dhabi.