For several months, the online edition SEO news conducted a study “SEO through the eyes of customers 2019”, the results of which became known on June 20, 2019. The survey concerned the attitude of clients to the efficiency and methods of their SEO companies, and as a result, a rating was presented, the participants of which were the largest firms offering services for the promotion of Internet sites. The threshold value for the ranking of SEO companies was the minimum threshold of 30 clients. As it turned out, only 40 companies were able to overcome it and not be afraid of what customers would say about their work, which is a third more than last year’s number.

Industry rankings of SEO companies

The agency “SEO Calling” became the second in the rating! This result is a great achievement for our entire team as a whole because the rating of SEO companies takes into account not only the subjective factor (client’s attitude) but also the objective one – the results of work on each project.

But the main goal of this study was to assess not only the effectiveness of work but also the quality of service: the work of a manager with each client, regular reporting. Compared to last year’s rating, we have grown by 6 positions!

Such a high position in the ranking of SEO companies is the fruit of the long and productive work of all employees of the company, who helped to make the SEO Calling brand even more recognizable in the market. It is also important that clients respond positively to the service that we provide for each project, regardless of the size of the client’s brand. The attitude of the client to the company is one of the most important indicators of effective work:

“The subjective factor is the most controversial and, perhaps, the most important. Because positions in UK search engines can change, the number of visitors on the site can increase and decrease, the client must believe in YOU and YOU, and his opinion about the company remains at an invariably high level “

Rating 2012

Having entered the top three companies holding the highest positions in terms of trust, we have proven that our clients can always rely on SEO Calling specialists.

Constant professional improvement and development help us to achieve such significant heights. At the same time, the seriousness of our ambitions does not allow us to regard the current achievements as the ultimate level. We constantly strive forward to always meet any needs of our customers!

You can also see us in the TOP10 companies in an independent rating

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The important question to ask when getting started is not “What will I get?”; instead, you should ask yourself “What will I become?”

7 years of existence for the company “SEO Calling” were not in vain. All this time we have been growing and developing as reliable business partners and stable employers

At the same time, from the very beginning, our personnel policy was distinguished by the main feature: we strive to create an effective team of professionals aimed at success.

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Decency, responsibility, punctuality

We are sure that only people who show respect for others can be true professionals. And the listed features are a manifestation of respect.

All this allows us to constantly develop. Therefore, we are always waiting for the best of the best in our ranks. HERE everyone can get acquainted with the list of our vacancies in Moscow and Tula.

According to the results of a study conducted by the portal among employers operating in the United Kingdom, SEO Calling received the status of “Attractive Employer” in 2019 and 2020. noted not only the active work of SEO Calling in attracting personnel and the great response of applicants but also the decent level of remuneration offered by the company in its vacancies.

Undoubtedly, the title “Attractive Employer” received by SEO Calling is an indicator of job seekers’ trust and a sign of a promising and open company with a stable position in the market.