The term EHR stands for electronic health records which indicate to some extent as to what they do. EHR software these days is much too advanced to just be called EHRs in our opinion because they perform countless functions. From billing to practice management, EHRs these days can do it all. Kareo is one of the most popular EHR software available in the market today. If you are looking for EHRs, you will most definitely come across the name Kareo repeatedly. We are about to break down the software in terms of Kareo EHR reviews and the pros and cons of this software so keep reading to learn more about one of the most popular EHR software in the world.


Let us talk in detail about the pros of this software which cause such positive Kareo user reviews to be available online.


One of the biggest reasons you will find so many positive Kareo reviews online in the first place is because of the fact that it is used by so many medical practices. The reason for this being that it offers over 150 templates for different specialties which means a lot of physicians get to use it and employ this software in their medical practice. Kareo software reviews often talk about how convenient it is to have so many templates that you can choose from and how customized templates make things so much easier in medical practice. The variety of templates available makes Kareo more accessible to doctors of different specialties and also makes it incredibly popular overall.


Another important function that a lot of reviews of Kareo mention is the fact that it easily integrates to other services offered by the vendor and with those integrations the product overall delivers a great performance. Kareo billing software and Kareo practice management software can both be easily integrated into the software which means that it can increase the productivity of your practice several times over by easily integrating billing and practice management software into itself. Kareo billing reviews are also really good and hence a lot of people enjoy this software since all software which can be further integrated within is also provide satisfactory performance.


One of the most important aspects of any EHR software or for any software for that matter is that it should be functional and provide you with the greatest ease possible. A lot of Kareo reviews talk about how the software helped streamline functions within their practice. From helping with e-prescriptions so that your patients no longer have to come in but can remotely get their prescriptions. Other than those functions which let you receive lab reports due to lab integration also helps a lot in terms of making things easier and streamlining things. All these functions in Kareo make for a lot of positive Kareo software reviews.


While there are a lot of positives of Kareo, there are also some negatives that you see about the software now and again in Kareo reviews


One of the least liked features of any EHR related software is often the pricing of the software itself. A lot of this software can cost a pretty penny and hence seem unaffordable to doctors. However, Kareo has several options and you can choose the deck which seems most affordable to you. In terms of pricing, the software used to be cheaper and even free in some versions previously which have upset a lot of people since they were used to a free version and now are having to pay. However, Kareo has always been a choice so if you are unhappy with the pricing you can easily look for alternatives in the market which you can enjoy.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to any customer is to be able to get customer support after they have made the purchase. Kareo EHR reviews often talk about customer service not being up to par. The Kareo reviews we have seen often mention how people are unhappy with the service from customer support since it can be very hard to get a hold of them which means you are going to have a lot of issues when trying to solve whatever concern you have in the first place.

Better Training

Another con of this software is that a lot of Kareo reviews mention how people felt they could have been trained by the company better than they were since they felt there was still more to learn in regards to the software. While the company does offer training solutions to clients in order for them to figure out how to use the software in the first place. However, some reviews of Kareo do mention that upon request the company was willing to do further training but a lot of Kareo user reviews showed that people felt this should be automatically offered by the company.

Should you Invest

Finally, you are probably wondering if after all of this you should take the plunge and invest in Kareo. In our opinion, the pros do outweigh the cons especially since most of the cons are things that can be fixed by the company upon request. You should, however, do your own research and figure out if the features this software has match the needs of your practice, if they do then you should seriously consider this software since it is pretty good and a top contender in the EHR market currently.