Kevin Cox Picks is a prominent figure in the world of horse race handicapping, known for providing expert picks and analysis for various race tracks. His insights and selections are highly regarded by horse racing enthusiasts looking to make informed betting decisions.

Expert Analysis and Selections

Kevin Cox offers picks for different types of bets, including Rolling Pick Fives, Rolling Pick Fours, and Rolling Pick Threes. Additionally, he provides full-card selections and analysis for specific race tracks such as Aqueduct, Del Mar, and Saratoga. Cox’s expertise and thorough analysis provide valuable guidance for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of horse racing and make well-informed wagers.

Availability and Platforms

Enthusiasts can access Kevin Cox’s selections and analysis through various platforms, including SaratogaBets, Capital OTB, and Finger Lakes Handicapping. These platforms offer a convenient way for individuals to benefit from Cox’s insights and leverage his expertise when making their betting decisions.

Alternative Perspectives

While Cox’s expert choices are widely respected, some individuals may seek alternative perspectives on his picks. Articles and platforms such as “Aqueduct Picks Cox: An Alternative Perspective to Kevin Cox’s Expert Choices” provide fresh insights and historical data, offering a different angle for consideration when evaluating horse racing selections.


Kevin Cox’s picks and analysis play a significant role in the horse racing community, providing valuable guidance and insights for enthusiasts and bettors. Whether accessed through established platforms or alternative perspectives, Cox’s expertise continues to be a valuable resource for those looking to engage with the world of horse race handicapping.