Many people are already aware of the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson breakup saga on the internet. The news broke out on a weekend, and many gossip magazines and the internet covered it. It became so viral that even news outlets that don’t do celebrity gossip reported the news. This came along with the news that Kim’s sister, Khloe gave birth to another baby for her controversial partner. Nevertheless, few people know that Pete Davidson is in a sort of relationship with Emily, otherwise known as EmRata. Emily is Kim’s close friend and has been for a long time. So people are surprised by the split between Pete and Kim and Pete’s later relationship with Emily.

What Caused the Split Between Pete and Kim?

Some individuals speculated that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up due to their age gap. Kim is 41 years old, while Pete is 28 years, which means they have a 13-year age gap. While some said it might be a result of the interference of Kim’s former husband, Kanye West.

Similarly, others think that Pete’s lifestyle is different from Kim’s. This is because Pete sometimes wants Kim to travel with him whenever the need arises. He is a spontaneous man and doesn’t understand why Kim can’t be with him anytime he wants. But Kim can’t travel to another state or country impulsively because she has children to think of. Her children are her priority and her first choice. Besides, she also has a busy career to think of. All these made Kim tired of her relationship with Pete.

How Did Kanye Influence the Relationship?

It is not a secret that Kanye and Kim have a rocky relationship. This has affected many aspects of both Kim’s and Kanye’s lives. It is also the same with Kim’s romantic relationship with Pete. Kanye was never in support of the relationship and didn’t want Pete around his children. One source even alleged that Kanye tried to destroy the relationship.

The source also claimed that Kanye was never happy whenever Kim tried to date another guy. This source also claimed that Kanye has a divide and conquer tactics that usually cause issues in Kim’s relationships. He tries to use kids to create problems. Unfortunately, Kim has always succumbed to Kanye’s pressure because she loves her kids. As a good mother, she puts her kids first before her relationships.

What Happened After Kim and Pete Broke Up?

Pete has been going in and out of Australia since he and Kim broke up. He looks like his usual self, but there is also something different about him. Pete was spotted smiling whenever the paparazzi catches sight of him. Likewise, it seems that Kim has also moved on. She recently uploaded promotional pictures of herself and her daughter North wearing Yeezy’s glasses. Few of her fans think that doing so might mean that Kanye and Kim will reconcile soon. But others believe that Kim might still be one of the investors of Yeezy.

Pete’s Life After the Split With Kim Kardashian

An unknown internet user posted on social media and claimed to see Emily and Pete on a date. Emily is Kim’s best friend and someone close to her. The user commented that Emily and Pete were publicly getting handsy with each other in New York. Another also reported having seen both holding hands in Brooklyn.

The Aftermath of The Claim

Immediately after these sources posted their news, many others came up and revealed what they saw to several news sources. They complimented the couple on having amazing chemistry whenever they see them. One even claimed to witness them on a date and could see they are still in the early relationship stage.

Evidence of the Relationship Between Pete and Emily

Right after these unknown sources claimed to see Emily and Pete on a date, evidence of their dating showed up. Emily was seen cozying up to Pete, and the pictures showed up online. The pictures are enough proofs that the two just celebrated Pete’s birthday in NY. Several people have mixed reactions seeing that Pete recently broke up with Kim, who is Emily’s best friend. Pete and Kim dated for only nine months, hence people are concerned about how Kim would feel. But Kim and Pete are yet to say anything about their past relationships.

What Pete Davidson’s Friends Have to Say

Johnny Potenza, a friend of Pete, talked to the media about his friend’s former relationship with Kim. In his words, Kim has a lot of baggage and this might have contributed to the split. Johnny further alleged that Pete got fed up with all that. According to Johnny, Pete is more than a decade younger than Kim, and Kim also has children with Kanye. Besides, Kanye disturb Kim and Pete while the pair were dating.

The Public’s Reaction to Pete and Emily’s Relationship

Kim’s friendship with Emily is known to the public. Therefore, it came as a surprise to see Emily dating Pete soon after Pete broke up with Kim. This is why internet users speculated that Kim might get upset about the relationship. Some are even expecting drama from Kim. They think Pete and Emily’s relationship will cause a fight between Emily and Kim. Kim added fuel to the rumour by supposedly shading Pete with a TikTok post. Then she also uploaded some sexy photos many assumed to be a calculated move.

What Does Kim Think?

Kim’s close friends told the media that Kim doesn’t care about Pete dating Emily. They said she approved of their relationship and feels fine about it. Furthermore, Kim told them that Emily is more on the same page as Pete, so the relationship will work out.


The Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson saga is one many will remember for days to come. What surprised many is Kim’s nonchalant attitude towards the split and Pete’s subsequent relationships with Emily. This proves that Kim is mature about the whole thing and has no ill feelings for Pete and Emily.