Martie Allen is a well-known individual in the entertainment business who has made important contributions to the music and television industries. Allen is known for her advocacy efforts, notably for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Her life, career, and achievements will be discussed in further detail in this article.

Early Years and Education

On January 1, 1960, Martie Allen was born in the United States. Nothing is known about her upbringing or family tree. Yet, it is said that she became interested in music at a young age. Allen graduated from her hometown’s high school and afterwards pursued a music degree.

Work in Advocacy

Allen is well-known for her advocacy efforts in addition to her great career in music and television.

When Allen came out as a lesbian in the early 2000s, her advocacy really took off. Allen’s choice to come out was seen as a brave and ground-breaking action at the time when the LGBTQ+ community suffered tremendous prejudice and stigma. She was one of the few out and proud artists in the business, and her candor and openness paved the way for others.

Allen has maintained her role as a public figure who promotes equality and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Martie Allen’s Marriage to Kristy McNichol

Kristy McNichol

Martie Allen is widely recognized as the wife of Kristy McNichol, a former actress and singer. The couple’s marriage ceremony was a private affair and not much is known about it. However, their strong and happy relationship has been evident over the years.

The Private Wedding Ceremony

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol exchanged vows in a private ceremony in 1996. The wedding was kept under wraps, with no media or paparazzi present. The location and other details of the ceremony were also kept secret, giving the couple the privacy they desired. Despite the lack of public attention on their nuptials, their love story has been a source of inspiration for many.

Strong and Happy Relationship

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol’s relationship has stood the test of time. Their relationship has been a subject of admiration for many, given the fact that many celebrity marriages do not last.

Current Residence in the United States

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol currently reside in the United States. The couple has maintained a low profile, with very little information known about their daily lives. They have managed to keep their private life away from the public eye, choosing to live a simple and peaceful life.

Support for Each Other

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol have been each other’s support system through the years. They have faced several challenges together, including Kristy’s battle with bipolar disorder, which led to her retirement from the entertainment industry. 

The Private Life of Kristy McNichol’s Spouse

Martie Allen is known for her enigmatic and private lifestyle. She has managed to stay out of the limelight, despite being married to a famous personality. Her avoidance of media attention has made her a mystery to many, with very little information available about her.

Absence in Social Media

Martie Allen is not active on social media platforms. She has no public accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Her absence in social media has been a deliberate move to keep her private life away from the public eye.

Preference for a Private Life

Martie Allen has always been private about her personal life. She has managed to maintain a low profile, despite being married to a famous personality. Her preference for a private life has made her a mystery to many, but it has also helped her and her partner maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

Martie Allen’s Estimated Net Worth

Martie Allen’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, according to a report by However, the primary source of her net worth remains unknown as there is no information available about her professional career.

Martie Allen Lifestyle

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol, after spending more than 24 years in the public eye, have consciously chosen a private lifestyle. They made the deliberate decision to step out of the limelight in order to focus on nurturing their relationship and finding personal happiness.

The couple shares common interests in tennis, yoga, and exploring new adventures, and they also have a special place in their hearts for their beloved Dachshunds. Currently, McNichol is actively involved in running her foundation and imparts acting lessons at a private school in their Los Angeles residence. Any information about the couple’s potential children, whether biological or adopted, remains undisclosed.

In 2012, Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol made headlines when they publicly disclosed their long-standing relationship. Prior to officially tying the knot in 2012, the couple had been in a romantic partnership for over two decades. Kristy, born on September 11, 1962, is two years younger than Martie, who came into the world on January 1, 1960. Kristy’s roots trace back to Los Angeles, where she was born to parents James and Carolyn McNichol, with a heritage that includes Lebanese and Irish ancestry.

Martie Allen has chosen to abstain from participating in any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Instead of seeking the spotlight, she prefers a quiet life alongside her partner. Despite their global recognition in editorials and publications, the couple remains resolute in keeping their personal lives away from the realm of social media.

Kristy Mcnichol and Martie Allen Photo

Kristy Mcnichol and Martie Allen Photo


The marriage of Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol has stood the test of time. The couple’s strong and happy relationship has been an inspiration to many. Despite being married to a famous celebrity, Martie has managed to keep her private life out of the public eye and live a simple and peaceful life with her partner.

Her enigmatic and private lifestyle has made her a mystery to many, but it has also helped her to have a strong and lasting relationship with Kristy. Her story is proof that true love can withstand any challenge and that sometimes privacy is the key to a lasting relationship.