Before you delve into your B-school essay, please learn

There is no fixed mechanism to write your dream B-school proposal. There is no secret formula to writing an MBA Admission Essay. The goal is to come up with a narrative that feels authentic and adds depth to your statement. Perhaps your MBA consultant will not enjoy reading a wary dramatic story stretching the truth. Your interviewer is looking for proposals that will bring attention to your expertise. 

MBA Admission Essay is an influential factor in the MBA admissions process. Application essays help B-school admissions committees assess the adaptability of a prospective student at par with the culture and work values of the institution.

1. Have an introductory tone that sits well with your approach 

As every domain has always maintained the fact that first impressions are important. You don’t want to taint that saying and start with extreme monotony nor drama. 

Start with an introductory tone that resonates with the right mood. You don’t want to sound informal, but alongside, you also don’t want the person evaluating your application to dissect from reading. Be creative in your approach and state your achievement that blends well with the institution. 

2. Always highlight points that showcase your expertise. 

Applicants should discuss their skill sets in brief. The key mistake that we often make while composing our Statement of Proposal is to add all the skills and abilities we possess. Your interviewer need not read your entire set of abilities. The chairperson only needs to know about your abilities that will excel his organization. 

Your task is to convince your interviewer on the grounds that will justify how you will leverage as an asset to his institution. Failing to include information about how your skills translating to your academic and professional success will make your interviewer question your competitiveness. 

3. State your career accomplishments that would either be required for an MBA or will be accelerated by the MBA. 

You must demonstrate in that statement that you are not just a talker, so prove the abilities that you have staunched on. Worried, how can you express that in your MBA Admission Essay? 

You can substantiate narratives that reflect on your past instances, delivering the same ability you have vouched for. Write incidents that had happened in your life where you applied a particular skill to solve an immediate problem. For instance, if you have highlighted your problem-solving ability in the essay, provide a context where you have done that MBA Admission Essay.

It is also important that you make an impression on how you want to add to the prestige and reputation of your B-school. Don’t hesitate to add to the experience your future peers would have at your company. 

Your interviewer will want to understand your vision behind why you are opting for an MBA. For this matter, it is essential for your need to justify your foregrounding and past academic background. If you are a Literature graduate or an economist, explain how your previous course structures are connected or leverage to an MBA.

Remember, academic diversities are a plus on your CV only if you know how to juxtapose them on your statement of proposal.

IIM’s MBA alumni once said in an interview that prospective MBA aspirants must describe how they intend to use their degree. 

Why is this the exact point in your career where an MBA degree will be making an impact?

Other than your GMAT and CAT scores, they want to know why you are interested in their program. So communicate your pro-activity and enthusiasm for the course you want to be enrolled in. 

Therefore, it is incumbent on you to articulate your immediate plans. They need to know how sure you are about what you are pursuing. Instill points about how their institution will benefit your skillset. 

4. Focus on what the institution seeks out of you and avoid Mistakes 

Keep in mind that each B-school prepares its set of questionnaires for its applicants. Ensure that you meticulously read the question prompt provided to you. 

MBA consultants note how you pitch on their specific questions asked in the proposal. The most important thing you must do as an applicant is to pivot to that question. 

Your admission consultancy board is looking at a very specific piece of information in the essay. So stick to the essay instructions as you are given and don’t write on the answers that you wished they had asked. 

Mistakes to avoid in MBA Admission Essay

Taking too long with exaggerated stories to expose the main standpoint of your essay will be a bit of a stretch for the interviewer. They don’t expect you to come up with testimonials. Therefore they will only be glancing through your strengths and weaknesses. 

Learn the art of showcasing your flaws that adds a plus to your essay. In a recent study of the B-School census, it was revealed that MBA interviews seek loyal applicants who challenge the corporate norm of tangible healthy work-life balance. 

Your application essay should restrict to the word limit. Be concise, and don’t add flamboyant words. Nobody is looking at your writing skills, and an ambiguous wording scheme can make your application redundant. Ensure you add specific industry jargon exclusive to your B-school course. This way, you are juxtaposing that you are already aware of your course structure which will create a good impression on them.

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