A Mahram is a person in the family with whom marriage is forbidden in Islam and his purpose is to take care of women. A female feels safe with Mehram and Islam does not give them permission of travelling alone.

Mehram is compulsory for women while performing Umrah with family through family cheap Umrah packages and he must safeguard females. Following are the persons in a family that may be Mehram for women:

Before Marriage:

1. Brother
2. Father
3. Grandfather
5. Maternal uncle
6. Father of uncle and maternal uncle

After Marriage:

Following become Mehram for a woman when she marries someone:

1. Husband
2. Son
3. Father of husband
4. Daughter’s son
5. Grandson
6. Son in law

Purdah from these males is not compulsory. There is a strictness for Purdah from other members of the society and also from cousins. Purdah becomes compulsory after the age of puberty.


With the exception of all the discussed family members, all other men are Non-Mehram for a woman. If a woman is unmarried the second group of men named as Mehram after marriage, is also a Non-Mehram for a woman.

These become Mehram only when a woman is married. Women must abide by the orders of Allah and His Rasool because their orders are in the favor of women.

Behavior with women before Islam:

Women were treated as slaves before the start of Islam and their birth was considered shameful for fathers. They were killed after their birth and they didn’t have any status in society.

Holy Prophet gave them a status equal to that of men. He changed the angle of thinking of men for women. Through his teachings, he gave the status of the queen of home to women. He told people that daughters are the blessing of Allah Almighty.

Security of women with the concept of Mehram:

Holy Prophet gave security to women with the help of Mehram and by declaring the orders of Purdah. Mehram takes care of women and defend them against any kind of attack or disrespect.

Women are considered as the respect of home in Islamic society. Islam does not give permission to look at women that do not have blood relation with you.

Mehram for Hajj and Umrah:

Women are not permitted to travel alone because they are weak creatures and may be attacked by someone. A man called Mehram is compulsory for women to accompany them and to safeguard them.

He may be father, grandfather, uncle, maternal uncle, husband, brother, son, son in law, grandson, and father in law in relation with a woman. She feels safe with all of them because women are not ordered to do purdah from these men.

They fulfill the needs of women while performing Hajj and Umrah.

Permission from husband if going with other Mehram:

Saudi Government and Ministry of Hajj and Umrah do not allow women to enter Saudi Arabia without a Mehram. If a woman is married and is going to perform Umrah with her father or brother, she should have written permission for the consent of her husband to go for Umrah. Islam orders to obey the orders of the husband and to respect the husband.

Female cannot perform Hajj or Umrah without Mehram:

Female cannot perform Hajj or Umrah without Mehram because she is not permitted to travel alone. She cannot go with Non-Mehram because Islam orders to do Purdah from Non-Mehram.

A female above the age 45 can travel without Mehram but with the permission of her husband and with the members of his family. Family Umrah packages help women of age 45 to perform Umrah without a husband but with his permission.

She should know all the members with whom she is going to perform Hajj or Umrah.