During your stay in the Lombard capital, there will be many things you can do in Milan in the evening, relying on numerous bars, pubs, restaurants, night clubs, discos, jazz clubs and many other places that dominate the Milanese night from the Brera Gallery to the Navigli.

Milan is a city that will surprise you with its many attractions of historical, artistic and monumental interest. Whether it is important religious buildings such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, museums with a unique charm such as the Civic Aquarium, evocative monuments such as the Castello Sforzesco or lush parks such as the Sempione Park, you will certainly have many opportunities to experience the Lombard capital with a truly exciting intensity. The same frenzy will be surprising in the visit to the city of Milan in the evening.

In fact, there are many things you can do in Milan in the evening. So that in addition to boasting the title of capital of fashion and business, the Lombard capital is considered to be one of the coolest centers of Italian nightlife.

The two most popular areas for those who want to experience Milan in the evening are undoubtedly those located near the Galleria di Brera and the entire Navigli area.

Bars, pubs, restaurants, night clubs, discos, jazz clubs, and many other clubs dominate the Milanese night, entertaining the young and often the less young from 23:00 until 4 the next morning.

In fact, the nightlife begins already at 18:00 when the groups of young people leave to conquer the many happy hours, to enjoy a good aperitif in the various Milanese cafes.

Living the city of Milan in the evening also means having dinner in one of the many restaurants, being able in this case to follow the advice that we have given you in the food and wine guide of Milan.

The evening tour of Milan deserves to be mentioned, dedicated to those who love to discover the monumental attractions under the night guise, with the possibility to visit the places on foot or by specific coaches that in about three hours will make you appreciate a whole new aspect of this beautiful city.

Let’s now see which are the hottest discos and pubs of the moment.

One of the places most appreciated by revolutionary sound lovers is the Hollywood Rythmoteque, a disco that since 1973 (when it was called Mandala) has welcomed the generations of the moment to entertain them with house-dance strokes, but also rock, hip-hop and reggae.

The structure is characterized by a change in the annual look to always guarantee new emotions in environments that challenge the trends and transgressions of the moment.

Another must for Milan in the evening is the Alcatraz disco, a multipurpose center that also hosts numerous events and concerts in its already busy calendar. The building was built in 1946 but the current use is achieved in 1997 with a profound renovation of the premises, creating an area of over 3 thousand square meters. This renowned Milanese venue offers its customers lots of good music and evenings full of fun ideas.

It is defined as “the goal of the Milanese night owls”. We are talking about the Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club, a place owned by the well-known designer who has managed to blend his style with fun in this structure.

In addition to good music and guests of international caliber, the Just Cavalli Restaurant & Club allows you to enjoy high class dishes with an a la carte menu that hosts the best recipes from around the world, all accompanied by prestigious wines. It will not be difficult to meet celebrities and celebrities.

The Armani Privé also travels along the same wavelength, a place where the details of the leather seats, the colors, the tatami flooring, the soft lights, the mirrored walls and the lines imbued with design are the backdrop to exclusive drinks and dishes.

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