Professional businessman Hershey Rosen is pleased to note that Canada is always passionate about technology.

Hershey Rosen is a successful founder of several startup businesses and a business consultant. According to him, technology is an integral part of a nation’s development. It has been integrated into every sector and in our daily lives. This is why Canada has encouraged stakeholders and researchers to invest in innovative ideas. For this reason, an educational institution in Montreal has opened a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lab. This has contributed to the development of technology in Montreal. It has also confirmed Montreal as a leading technological city.

Setting Up A New AI Lab in Montreal

In 2020, the number of Nobel Prize winners Canada has produced amounted to 15 winners. Some of them won prizes in categories like chemistry, medicine, and physics. However, a major scientific survey done in 2012 on the quality of Canadian research was okay. Canada’s rank was in the fourth position globally. This was expected as the country has good internet facilities that are accessible to almost all of its residents. It is among the countries that have the highest number of internet users. This has made it easy for Canadians to access resources to conduct their scientific research.However, the field of AI is a broad one that needs the collaboration of various disciplines to make it work. For instance, AI is used in the banking sector. This means that AI experts must collaborate with the finance sector to integrate AI into the sector. The same goes for the use of AI in the healthcare sector. Since many AI professionals are not medical practitioners, they must liaise with healthcare professionals to make things work. Otherwise, the healthcare system they produce will not be effective. This is why the AI industry partners with other disciplines.

Therefore, educational institutions like McGill have collaborations to set up various research labs in Canada.

The name of the educational institution that has set up a new lab is called McGill University in Montreal. The lab is of international standard that has advanced systems needed to start work.

Reasons for Opening the Lab

The new lab called ILLS is a collaboration between other technology and research institutes in other Canadian states. The lab will be accessible to researchers, students, and faculty that want to conduct research in the AI field. Not only that, AI experts will be employed to guide the students inside the lab.

The new lab was built because there is a lack of adequate knowledge in the theoretical aspect of AI. Knowledge of AI theory will help you handle the practical aspect of AI. It is also helpful when you have to handle new technology to solve real-life issues.

Aims and Objectives

McGill’s AI lab is a place for:

  • Teachers to teach students about AI.
  • Students to learn how to use AI systems to build new technologies
  • Scientists to develop new AI systems.
  • Researchers to research how to use AI to improve society.
  • Researchers to conduct AI research in the laboratory.
  • Teachers, scientists, and so on to pool and acquire new theoretical AI knowledge.
  • AI experts to collaborate with other industry experts to produce innovative products. This collaboration will also bring the development of new strategies and the integration of these strategies into AI systems.

Research To Be Conducted in The Lab

  • The use of Autonomous systems
  • Information and signals processing
  • Vision system applications
  • How to use AI to process speech
  • How to use AI to process natural language
  • Real-time sequential machine learning
  • Applications of AI

About McGill Research Environment

According to a faculty member, McGill’s new lab will contribute to the development of AI in Montreal. Montreal is already a technology hub with lots of talented individuals in the AI sector. Nevertheless, this new development will add to Montreal’s technology appeal and attract new investors. McGill’s researchers will have the amenities they need for research at their disposal. This will help them make discoveries and create groundbreaking things.

The faculty member further stated that McGill aims to increase the opportunity for its students to learn more about AI. Furthermore, McGill engages its students in research activities and provides room for them to grow. It is no wonder many students in Canada are attracted to Montreal.


According to Hershey Rosen, this is not the first time Montreal to have a new AI Lab. However, the new lab is important due to the influx of new students and researchers in Montreal. The lab will cater to the increasing student population and scientific community. Montreal has garnered much attention from private and public investors, which has led to the availability of funds. The funds helped to develop well-equipped labs like McGill’s lab and also went towards AI research. This makes Montreal among the top cities that have adequate funds for research. In addition, this has opened up employment opportunities in Montreal. As of 2022, Montreal has more than 26,000 employees in the AI field. It also has more than 13,000 students studying AI-related courses.